Is Your Work Making You Miserable?

We may know why and what’s the solution.

Does it seem like your working hours last forever? Are you anxious because you know you have to go to work? Once you arrive there, you are feeling your lowest? That probably means that your work is making you miserable.

It’s hard to keep a positive outlook on life in general when such a big segment is making you feel bad. Your motivation is probably on its last legs and you feel like you’re slowly starting to hate your job. To fix that problem, first you need to know where lies the root of it. Once you know what in particular is making you feel like that, you’ll be able to do something to improve your situation.

1. You’re around wrong people

People you work with don’t have to be your best friends. All you need is to be civil to each other. Of course, it helps when you’re getting along with people you work with, but sometimes the people you work with just aren’t right up your alley and that’s alright. Maybe there are people you could get along with, you just didn’t give them a chance. If you are talking to people at work that like to complain all the time, they will get to you.

What to do?

You have your friends outside of work so you don’t have to force yourself to be best buddies with people at work. It’s okay to hang out with people at work but limit your interaction with them to the moment you start feeling their bad energy. If they are making you feel uncomfortable, try talking to them about it, but nicely. If they are not someone you could talk to, just limit your conversation to them. Talk about necessary things and keep it professional.

2. Working for a company that opposes your moral values

If you have strong moral values and you continue working for a company that opposes everything that you stand for, it’s no wonder your work is making you miserable. If your company’s policy is completely different from yours, you will eventually have to do something that is against your standards. It’s impossible to feel good about yourself when you are working for a company that stands for everything you’re against of.

What to do?

Unfortunately, there is no way to go around it. Working for such company will make you more and more miserable. They don’t say for nothing that money can’t buy happiness. Working for a corporation that is only about profit will be destructive for your well being. Rather try and find your place at a smaller company that stands for similar things as you do.

3. You don’t feel like you’re growing

If you feel like you’ve come to the point where you’re not making any progress, you’re not alone. The problem is that many people rely on their bosses for their personal growth. Your tasks may not seem exciting as it was in the beginning and there’s no challenge in your workday. It’s hard to feel satisfied when you don’t feel like you’re doing much. When your job feels like an automatic action, you start feeling like a robot.

What to do?

Nobody is keeping you from learning new skills that you can later demonstrate at work. That way, your boss will notice that you can now take on different tasks and you will get a new direction in your career. Your growth depends on you, and it is your task to keep growing. If you work on yourself, it will surely reflect on your career as well.

These are the three main reasons that may be responsible for your work making you miserable. Remember that you are the only one who can make changes in your life. Once you discover the root of your problem, it is easier to come up with a solution. Of course that it’s not always an easy task, but it is doable. Your work should be a place where you feel comfortable, fulfilled and driven do to more and better. Sometimes you’re just going through a rough patch and that’s perfectly normal, in that case, all you need is some motivation. But if your work is constantly making you miserable, it’s time for a change. What kind of change- that’s up to you.