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6 Job Personality Types: Which Describes You Best?

Last Update: April 22, 2020

Which job personality are you? It might be hard to determine this on your own, so you might want to ask around. It’s pretty important to make a career choice that matches your personality. We can all agree we spend a lot of time at work, so it might as well be one that makes us happier.

Do you consider yourself a hard worker, slacker, the grumpy cat, the hyped one?

The job personality list goes on and on. We meet a lot of people in our workplace, which means a lot of different types of personalities. In the last couple of years, different personality and job personality tests became really popular. It is all about determining a group you fit into. We tend to think that we know ourselves best, and it is true and false at the same time.

Which job personality are you?

You’re the only person that knows every single, little thing about yourself. However, you’re probably the least objective person when talking about yourself (as much as we would like to think otherwise). But what about your job personality? Which one describes you best?

1. Fancy Nancy

fancy nancy job personality

Fancy Nancy always looks her best. Every hair on her head is well placed, nails are always polished, she smells fantastic. Her desk always looks like you’ve just entered a home decor show. Fancy Nancy believes in looking great to feel even better. Her second home is the gym, and everyone at work wants to be her or be with her.

2. Jessica Messica

Jessica, such a lovely creature. Everyone likes her, but she just messes everything up. She has a bubbly personality, she always has a smile for everyone, and she’s everyone’s best friend. That’s mostly why she’s still there, considering that she never seems to do a decent job on anything. Something always slips her mind, always a tiny little thing that messes everything up.

3. Tom Hardy

tom hardy job personality

Tom Hardy is a workaholic. Tom is the happiest when he’s done all the job that needs to be done, and more. Tom feels most alive when he’s working his bum off. The boss knows all about Tom, and Tom is probably the first on the list for promotion. Tom is ambitious, innovative and hard-working.  Tom doesn’t care much about private life, considering that Tom’s top priority is his career.

4. Funny Manny

Manny is the office jokester. He’s always up for a laugh and will make you laugh as well. The office just wouldn’t be the same without Manny. Manny is the expert in office pranks, which is why you never know what you’re coming back to once your vacation is over. Manny is the office sunshine and everyone loves him. His jokes are mostly inappropriate, which is why they are so funny in the first place.

5. Lone Stallone

lone stallone job personality

Lone Stalone is here to do the work. He’s not here to chat, to make friends or to share a laugh. Lone Stalone has his own friends and doesn’t like mixing private and business life, he just wants to do what he came to do and continue with his day. He is the lead champion of minding his own damn business and doesn’t care that Carol is getting divorced for the third time. He doesn’t have the time for other people’s drama.

6. Day-to-Day Fay

Fay is okay with working here. She doesn’t love it, nor like it, but she doesn’t hate it either. She tolerates it. She likes to chat with people she works with, fantasizes about getting rich and her paycheck is her only motivation. She knows that the bills need to get paid somehow. She isn’t career-oriented, she is just going with the flow called life.

Job & Personality = An Important Fit

Now that we’ve covered some most common types, which job personality do you find most similar to you? Most people can find themselves in a combination of two. Of course, none of these personalities is a bad one. Just make sure you don’t change your personality for the job, but rather change the job to fit you. 


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