What Is Your Dream Job?

If you could choose to be anything your heart desires, what would you do?

If you could choose to do any job your heart desires, what would it be? Everyone has some kind of a dream job, realistic or not. We went on Reddit to see what others dream of doing, and we found some interesting answers.

Deleted account, Reddit

I want to be the guy who drives around in the Google Maps van tbh.

ctully1988, Reddit

Forest Ranger at a smaller state park. Maybe in PA or the midwest

Edit: job hunt begins. I can do it

Helvedes, Reddit

Pilot! Always dreamed to be one since being a kiddo. However, it is too expensive for me to take the education…

anontoyoutoo, Reddit

Ethical hacker/pen tester/security researcher.

Trying to figure out how to get there now. I’ve got a helpdesk/sysadmin/anything else they need job at a healthcare startup and 4 years of CS education, with one year left for my bachelor’s. I’m now trying to figure out the path to get there. What combo of jobs, certs I want to do. Whether to finish my degree and where, and what I can do to gain experience in the meantime – CTFs, bug bounties, etc. It’s a big world to explore!

Deleted account, Reddit

Animator would be cool.

Not necessarily for a big company (Pixar, Cartoon Network, etc). Independent animator would be sweet too.

morebitterthandeath, Reddit

I want to be a tenured professor.

To be honest, I want to be a tenured professor 20 years ago. Academia is just getting worse. But I’ve got to work with the times I was born into, and I still love the field.

Miss_Sangwitch, Reddit

I’d kill to be a travel journalist/blogger/writer. Anything that would allow me to do what I live for (travel) while utilizing what I’m good at (writing). I have no trouble getting employment as a writer but how people land those sweet gigs as travel writers is beyond me.

sebastiangill104, Reddit

Secret service, but specifically on presidential detail.

BeerInTheBabySeat, Reddit

If I could skate, I’d love to be a professional hockey player.

Xeah, Reddit

I want to work with sea life so goddamn bad, but no one can give me a clear answer on how to go about it.

Nervousfarts, Reddit

Voice acting/puppeteer! 🙂

sunnynight48, Reddit

Become a director and/or screenwriter. I am fascinated by storytelling. I do not live in the United States, I am 25 years old, have a very stable job and life, and I have zero background or connections in the film industry.

QuintanaR0o, Reddit

I would love to be the person who gets to test ride new sportbike motorcycles from various companies and write reviews on them. I just don’t believe you get paid very well for something like that.

roastrain, Reddit

A YouTube vlogger. Travelling and making vlogs and videos about my adventures. And getting paid for it.

MKuin, Reddit

Professional gardener.

I realize this job is mostly occupied by men and I wonder how a woman would fit into it all. Not that I usually focus on genders that much, but still.

Andefir, Reddit

I want to be a graphic designer. I do pretty well in tech graph as a subject in my school and a friend of mine from another year told me that the teacher said I was the best in my year. Maybe I can make something of this.

HeyItsMonkey, Reddit

Kinda cliche I think but I have always wanted to be a professional, famous singer.

cxrry, Reddit

Photographer. Already loved it as a kid and I still do. 🙂

tommyboy72098, Reddit

I want to be a college level orchestra conductor. I’m for sure going to teach at the high school level, but you need a ton of education to get into the college level, so I don’t know how realistic it is.

Therosrex, Reddit


Specifically vertebrate paleontology.

Specifically dinosaurs.

Specifically South American dinosaurs.

Unicorns_andGlitter, Reddit

I want to go into advertising/marketing.


What about you? Did you find your dream job here?