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Sick Coworker: What Should You Do?

Last Update: May 8, 2020

The first person in the office has fallen victim to the vicious virus and is visibly sick. Everyone in the office knows what this means: the domino effect is inevitable. Or is it? No one wants to get sick, but you’re 99% sure that you’re going be the next victim.If you’re not the next, you’ll be the third.

But it’s bound to happen, and you can already see yourself coughing, with a stuffy nose and shaking with fever. If there was only something you could do when your coworker gets sick, so you could all save yourselves…

1. Put up a tent for them

sick coworker

If you make a quarantine, you won’t get sick. Put a tent up for your coworker, and ensure their sneezes and viruses won’t get to you.

2. Put up a tent for yourself

Put up a tent for yourself

If closing them in quarantine isn’t an option, close yourself. You won’t get sick in your little bubble, while everyone else will get sick over time.

3. Get them fired

Get them fired

This is for everyone’s good. You just can’t have a sick person in the office. In the end, everyone’s going to wind up sick and no one will be able to work.

4. Yell ‘GO HOME’ every time you see the sick coworker


Forget being subtle, a lot is at stake right now. If you yell at them regularly, it will become awkward or they will get tired of it and give in.

5. Demand to work remotely until every single person in the office is healthy

work remotely

This might mean that you’ll never work in the office again, but you can’t risk getting sick. This way, you’ll be safe from the comfort of your own home.

6. Quit your job

Quit your job

If everything else fails, you can always quit your job and chase your career at a healthier company. If all your coworkers keep getting sick, you won’t stand a chance. Better run for your life.

You’re not really going to do any of the things above, but this is what you can do

It’s totally understandable that it bugs you when a visibly sick coworker keeps coming to work. You get that they don’t want to be behind at work, but it’s not really considerable of them to come to work and spread the germs. Even though you probably do want to yell “Go home”, you can’t really do that. However, you can be subtle about it. You can try saying:

That hard work finally got to you, maybe you should take that well-deserved rest.

You can offer to help finish their task if possible. You never know when you’ll need a favor, and your colleague will probably remember the time you helped them when they needed help.


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