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10 Perfect Jobs for the Reserved Personality

Last Update: September 27, 2017

If talkative and bubbly aren’t some of the words that describe you, here are some possible jobs for you.

1. Translator

Have a second language in your vocabulary bank? This job is for you. Translators are often in popular demand! Translating documents or literatuce may be the perfect niche for those who enjoy thinking time to themselves.

2. Writer

A lot of great writers were described as lone wolves. If you have that creative spark in you, you can always try freelance writing. The feeling of content because you created something is very rewarding. The most difficult thing about writing is finding an inspiration. After that, everything is an easy breeze.

3. Programmer

Most of programmers that I know say that growing up, they preferred spending time with computers rather than playing outside with friends. A lot of kids that were called computer nerds are now nerds with very satisfying salaries. If you were once called a computer nerd, this might be a job for you.

4. Tax preparer

While listing things people enjoy, never have I heard someone say: I really like to do my taxes. Because a lot of people hate doing it, this is a great job if math and numbers are your close friends. Rather do numbers than deal with people? A majority of your time will be analyzing paperwork. Be a tax preparer.

5. Janitor

A good thing with this job is that almost every place needs a janitor. If the place is bigger, it often needs a few janitors. That also means that you might have to talk to another janitor once in a while, but that is still a lot less dealing with people than in some other jobs.


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