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10 Things Every Working Mom Has Done at Least Once

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Everyone can agree that being a mom is challenging. When you’re trying to juggle being a mother and having a job, that a challenge times two. It feels like you have two jobs, and being a mother has no working hours. You want the best for your kids, so you want to spend as much time with them as possible, but you want to afford them anything they wish for, which is why you need to go to work. It’s a Catch 22, where every solution is right and wrong. We know the struggle of being a working mom, and if you are one of them, we list you 10 things that will probably sound too familiar.

1. Making your own, short-version of a bedtime story

So there was a Cinderella… turns page She lost her shoe, and a prince found it… turns page Prince found out it was her shoe, so they got married. THE END! Okay, bedtime now!

…because you’re exhausted and just want them to go to sleep so you can rest a little.

2. Using children as an excuse

I really can’t come with you for drinks after work, Carol, my youngest is sick, and I need to go home.

…But your kid is perfectly fine, but you would rather get shot in the knee than go somewhere with Carol.

3. Checking emails while playing

“You go and hide, and mommy will seek for you.” Counts to ten “Ready or not, here I come!” Checks one email “You found a good hiding spot, I can’t find you!” Checks another 3 emails

4. Inventing games

Suggesting your kids to play who can be quiet for the longest because you really need that 5 minutes of peace and quiet. Who will fall asleep first is also one of the great games that parents seem to love.

5. Licking a pacifier clean

No one was looking, and you really didn’t have the time to go and wash the damn thing. So You just licked it and gave to your youngling.


6. Coming to work only to find a stain on your shirt from your kid’s brownie

Staying clean while running around the house, chasing kids, making meals, going to work- it’s just a matter of time when are you going to show up with a stain on your shirt.

7. Taking a shower/ going to the toilet with spectators

Babysitter comes too at 1 o’clock, but you need to head out as soon as she does. What else can you do but bring your kid with you to the bathroom?

8. Leaving dirty diapers somewhere they’re not supposed to be

Sometimes you have no time to find a bin for dirty diapers, so you’ll just leave the dirty diaper somewhere you shouldn’t. If you thought you’re the only one, you’re not.

9. Smearing spit on your kid’s face to make it clean

They got some stains from food on their face that you didn’t notice before and you’re just going out. No time to go back and wash your kid’s face, so you spit a little bit on your finger and smear it across your kid’s face and voilá- it’s clean!

10. Using work as an excuse to get away from an annoying parent of your kid’s friend

You know your kid really likes their kid, but you very much dislike the parents. This is why you always seem to be having business calls, rushing to the office or having an emergency at work when they try to talk to you (or God forbid, hang out with you).

Being a working mom is everything but easy, which is why sometimes you need to cheat a little. We completely get it, because regardless of that, you love your little ones more than everything.


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