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Things That Might Get You Fired, But Don’t Seem Like Big Deal

Last Update: January 11, 2018

When you first get a job, you try your best to leave a good impression on everyone. You’re very careful about how you act, what you say and how you interact with people. However, as the time goes by, you get a little more comfortable and you let your guard down. That’s natural and it’s often a good thing, but when does comfortable become too comfortable? Have you ever given a thought that maybe you’re doing some things that might get you fired? Yes, it’s that serious.

1. You have sticky fingers

I don’t mean stealing things around the office like a cleptomaniac. What I do mean is snuggling office supplies like a drug lord. Bringing home a pen from your office or a notepad probably won’t get you fired, but if you are taking advantage of office supplies and hoarding it all at home, it won’t go unnoticed. If your company is lacking office supplies because you went overboard with taking all the stuff, someone probably noticed that you grabbed that sticky notes with your sticky fingers. And if that’s the case, you’re probably going to have a bad time.

2.  Rants on social media

It’s normal to get frustrated at work every now and then. However, be careful about where you’re letting your steam out. Venting on the internet about your boss, colleagues or a bad day at work probably isn’t the best idea. Of course, you might say something suggestive, but don’t go roasting your boss or coworker because no matter how private you might think your profile is-it always finds its way to be read by the person it was about. Also, a lot of things that happen in office should stay in office. No, it isn’t Las Vegas (except if you’re living in Las Vegas, then it kind of is) but keeping your mouth sealed on the things that are company-related is a great trait.

3. You’re a chatty Kathy

It’s okay to be sociable. If you consider yourself as a social butterfly who appreciates a good talk by the water cooler, that’s okay. But if you are the one who keeps following your colleagues all the way to their desks and then staying there for a while, continuing the conversation- you might be a little bit too much to handle. That’s how you get the reputation of “that person that distracts others from their work”. If a word like that gets out to the boss, that’s definitely not good for you. The only worse thing they might be saying about you is that you don’t do your work because you’re too busy chit-chatting.

4. You don’t have a clear personal/business boundaries

If you’re spending your time at work talking to your sister, doctor or grandma; that can’t be good. It’s okay if it happens sometimes, no one is that insensitive to hold it against you. But don’t make a habit out of it. Or if you’re using the copy machine to print out 200 copies of your missing cat. It is okay to do something like that only if you’ve asked your boss beforehand. If you haven’t and do it anyways, you’re not sneaky. Someone probably saw what you did and now you’ll become the protagonist of the tales that are going to be omnipresent. And yes, they will find their way to your boss.


Landing a job is a great success by all means. However, it’s only the beginning. You are there to prove yourself with your hard work and talent, not to slide by with doing the least possible. You are surely fully capable of doing great things and that doesn’t go unnoticed on work, but don’t let some of your habits shine over it. You want to be recognized for your great work, and not for group chats by the water tank.

If you found yourself in some of these, don’t worry. Recognising it is the first step. You can turn things for the better and show everyone that hiring you was the right decision. You can always change for the better.



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