Things You Do That Ruin Your Work Reputation

In an office where people talk, let your work speak the loudest.

You’re working in a company where you’re really satisfied with your job? Everything would be perfect but you feel like you didn’t fit in with the people you work with? You felt pretty comfortable with them but it doesn’t seem like they did around you, and now you’re just stuck in some awkward space where you put your walls. Do you know what’s your work reputation? Once you get a bad rep, it’s a problem to feel good while you’re at work. You might be wondering what are you doing wrong, and we can give you some possible answers.

1. Your main concern is being the boss’s pet

Being on good terms with your boss is definitely a plus, but to what extent do you take it? If your main concern is the communication with your boss and being their pet, your coworkers most definitely notice it. Sucking up to your boss probably won’t work. Neither with your boss and it will be even worse with your colleagues.

2. You’re refusing to make any changes

You should feel confident about yourself and your work, but if people are trying to suggest that something should be changed, consider it seriously. We’re not saying that you should change who you are or that you should change your strong values, but don’t be too stingy and get upset every time someone suggests a change and then doing the complete opposite. You should adapt to your work environment and your company’s policy.

3. Talking too much or not talking at all

You might think that the right way to connect with the people you work with is to tell them a bunch of personal information so they feel relatable to you, but that might not be the best solution. Don’t overshare, especially if no one asked you anything about the subject you’re talking about. It is easy to read by their reactions if they are bored. If they are, abort the mission.

However, not talking at all is another thing that will make you stand out, but not in a good way. It is okay to be an introvert, but if you avoid even the most basic communication among your colleagues, you’ll probably be seen as the odd man out.

4. Getting too comfortable

Maybe you think that if you showcase a behavior that you’re comfortable with your co-workers, they will easily accept you. Note that there is such thing as getting too comfortable at work. If you feel comfortable enough to sing in the office, take your shoes off or have a public display of emotions, the chances are that you got too comfortable. There is a fine line to respect, and you should stick to it.

5. Never displaying your true self

Among all the “don’ts” it may seem to be hard to relax and just be yourself. However, the original version of yourself is probably your best version. That’s why you got the job in the first place. If you are overanalyzing what are others going to think about you, you will probably seem stiff and awkward the whole time because you’re unable to relax. Be yourself, but be open to compromise in order to function successfully with the people you work with.