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  • The Ultimate Job Search Guide: How to Find a Job (Step-By-Step)

    We are taught many things in school, college, and life in general. We are taught how to be competent at a certain job, but no one really teaches us how to find it. It can be overwhelming, and you might not even know where to start your job search. The Internet doesn’t really provide you […] More

  • Things You Should Exclude From Your Resume

    Don’t Write This Down on Your Resume

    When it comes to writing your resume, you want to make your resume stand out. In most cases, it is the reason you’re being asked to come in for an interview. Job recruiters have seen a lot of resumes, and certain things make their eyes bleed once they read it. So it’s no surprise that […] More

  • Are You Using the Right Job Hunting Strategy FB i TW

    Are You Using the Right Job Hunting Strategy?

    What is your job hunting strategy? Do you have one? People are thinking of different ways to stand out from the crowd every day. They want the job recruiters¬†to notice and remember them. Sure, it’s a good thing to be noticed, but you want to be careful about what you get noticed for. Your main […] More

  • Get a New Job Quickly (2020) - 5 Day Guide

    Get a New Job in 5 Days (2020) – A Quick Guide

    It’s not an uncommon thing to be unemployed these days since the economy is going through a rough patch. If you’re not unemployed yourself, I am sure you know someone who, unfortunately, is. I know I do. It’s nothing to embarrassed or depressed about. However, bills and rent are not going away so you know […] More

  • Why is Tinder Dating so Similar to Job Hunting?

    Searching for a soulmate is very similar to searching for a dream job. Both are part of a long and dreadful process, you do have some fun along the way, but you just want to find that one that will be your perfect match. In the digital era, searching for a job is often happening […] More

  • 5 Job Hunting Skills That Will Help You Get You Any Job

    5 Job Hunting Skills That Will Help You Get You Any Job

    When you are job hunting, you got to start somewhere. Let’s say you are polishing up your resume and you come to the “skills” section. What to write? What is even considered a skill nowadays? A lot of things, actually, that may be that fine line between getting a job and not getting it – […] More

  • You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

    Creating the prefect resume to leave a good impression can be a tedious and potentially frustrating task. With hundreds of applicants for a job opening, your resume is making your first impression for you! Do your bullet points stand out? Do your years line up in the left margin? Does your layout stand out visually […] More

  • Stand out in the crowd, with the perfect resume

    How To Write A Resume Let’s be real. Writing a resume is a difficult task. It is the most important instrument when applying for a job. Your resume is a way to tell your professional history to potential employers. It’s a summary of your abilities, skills, and accomplishments. Follow these steps that’ll make your life […] More

  • Break Out the Resumes, These Industries are Hiring!

    These workplaces are hiring! Everyone wants peace of mind when it comes to their job. Unfortunately, employees sometimes find themselves high and dry in this economy. In hard times, there are no guarantees. Thanks, to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Here are a few of what are expected to be highest-growing jobs between 2014-2024. Interested […] More