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  • 58 Percent of People Trust Strangers More Than Their Own Boss

    It is safe to say that in today’s world, trust is a rare privilege to have. There are trust issues between children and parents, between friends, between lovers, and apparently between bosses and their employees. Let’s make it clear what does trusting someone even mean. Trust is an umbrella term for three other terms: honesty […] More

  • This May Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired FB i TW

    This May Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

    You can often hear about the qualities every employer seeks in an employee, but what about things that will chase away any employer? You might know everything that you should do in an interview, but what if you think something is completely okay to do, but your potential employer completely disagrees. Even if you’re completely […] More

  • What Employers Want in New Hires Communication Skills

    What Employers Want in New Hires? Communication Skills

    We communicate online every day. The technology has made it super easy, right? But what kind of impact did it make on your communication skills? Believe it or not, employers still pay close attention to their employees’ ability to communicate face to face with co-workers and clients alike. Many industries have been taken over by […] More