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Feel Like You’re Stuck In a Rut? Here’s How to Break Out Of It

Many people feel like they’re stuck in the system and don’t know how to break free.

Many songs and films have been made on this topic. It seems that many people feel stuck in a rut, they crave some excitement and overall change. They think that they are just part of a machine that keeps operating and it makes no difference if they are there or not, someone else will come and fill in for you. Do you feel the same?

It’s a frustrating feeling, especially because most of us feel helpless regarding the subject. However, we are not completely helpless. There are things you can do to feel less trapped and more positive.The first step is deciding to do something about it. Once you’re determined to change something, you’re already on the right track. To change the way you feel, you need to change your mindset. To change your mindset, you need to change your ways. Here’s how.

1. Change the pattern

You probably have a routine that you practice every day. For example, waking up, drinking the same coffee, going under the shower, heading to work at the same bus stop, or driving through the same streets. Once you come to work, everything has its order as well. Try switching it up. Why not go straight to the shower after you wake up? Maybe try a different coffee, be a little adventurous? There’s probably a protocol you need to follow when you come to work but change it up where you can. Change your coffee mug, your desk decorations, your wallpaper, etc. You’d be surprised how a bunch of little things can cause a big change.

2. Introduce something fun to your day

Small things can make a person happy. Why don’t you try drawing, painting, cooking, a certain sport? Why not all of that? (Of course, not all at once). Do something that will make you happy. Do something that will release your creative energy? You’ll have fun while making it, and the end result will make you feel proud because you’ll know you did something. Cooking is a perfect way to combine something fun and creative with something useful. If you’re not into neither of this, maybe just do something fun with a friend. Or go for a coffee with someone you haven’t talked in a while. It will be new and refreshing, and it will break you out of your routine.

3. Do something nice for yourself

Even the person that loves the job they do can feel trapped and scream internally every time they need to go to work. Why? Because everyone can get stuck in a rut, and people are not made for that. This is why you need to be selfish sometimes and do something for yourself. Take a vacation. Go to the spa. Go shopping. Try rock climbing. Whatever makes you happy. But spoil yourself from time to time, and yourself something to look forward to at least once in a month. Invest some time, money and energy in yourself, that way you’re sure it won’t go to waste!

4. Step out of your safety bubble

It’s really nice to be in your comfort zone because- it’s comfortable. But comfort zone is actually the danger zone when it comes to falling into a rut. It’s comforting to stick to your old ways, same patterns, they make you feel safe. But we’ve all heard that saying about great things happening once you step out of your comfort zone. To be able to achieve that, break out of your old ways and do things that you didn’t have the guts to do. You’ll be anxious at first, but once you discover how rewarding it is, you’ll get hooked on the feeling. There’s no better way of breaking your old, boring, vicious cycle than being bold and leaving your safety bubble.