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5 Job Hunting Skills That Will Help You Get You Any Job

Last Update: May 18, 2020

When you are job hunting, you got to start somewhere. Let’s say you are polishing up your resume and you come to the “skills” section. What to write? What is even considered a skill nowadays? A lot of things, actually, that may be that fine line between getting a job and not getting it – these are called job hunting skills.

You should always be prepared to invest in yourself and strive for greatness. When you eventually find a job, these skills will also make you an irreplaceable employee. There are so many job hunting tips available on the internet it’s easy to get lost and frustrated. But working on your skills is the #1 priority. So let’s all roll up our sleeves and work on these 5 job hunting skills.

1. Public speaking

public speaking

If you still haven’t heard, public speaking is ranked as one of the things we fear the most, raking even higher than fear from death. What is it about public speaking that is so frightening? Well, everybody is really opinionated (especially today) so you are pretty vulnerable in that position.

But just like everything else, practice makes perfect. You will always feel nervous beforehand, but you won’t be as nervous as the first time. There are a lot of public speaking classes, online as well as in person. If you manage public speaking, speaking to someone one on one will be a piece of cake. You will be calm, collected, confident, and well-spoken.

2. Second language

Second language

Researchers report that speaking more than one language completely changes your view of the world. It enriches you culturally and it enriches you cognitively. Researchers also report that it is never too late to start learning a new language because there have been cases where retired people decided to learn a new language; and reached a native speaker level in a few years.

That means that there’s no such thing as too late to learn a new language. There’s a bunch of online courses, and you can always help yourself by listening to some music or watching some films that involve the language you’re trying to learn.

3. Social Media skills

social media skills

This is the time of social media blossom. Mostly every business is using social media platforms to promote their work, call people to action, for digital marketing, etc. It’s not that rare that they are looking for someone to handle their social media profiles for them.

It’s not enough only to have a profile on these platforms, it’s about knowing how they work, understanding their influence and use it to an advantage. Learn social media trends, research on how to applicate them, and investigate their impact. Also, make sure your social media profiles don’t contain inappropriate things that might cost you a job.

4. Programming


Machines play a big part in our everyday lives. We rely on our computers and phones for everything. We might even say that our devices are those who know us best. This is why it the importance of programming has risen. It is not an easy skill to adapt, but it will definitely make it worth your while.

Computer programmers are something like foreign language experts. They know the language of the machine, and they know how to communicate with these machines to make them do what we want them to do. This skill will definitely be a big plus on your resume.

5. Sport or other physical activity

Sport or other physical activity

Even if the job you’re eyeing on has nothing to do with being sporty, it is definitely a skill you should have. At least be good at one sport. People look you differently when they see that you can be outdoorsy. You will be perceived as a more active, positive, easy-going, and pleasant person. Not to mention that you will find yourself often in team-building activities that will include some kind of sport or physical activity.

You certainly don’t want to be a wet blanket, because no one likes those. Playing sports is also a great indicator that you are a team player, which is one of the things that hiring managers value the most.

You should always try to better yourself. Most of these job hunting skills require just a little bit of your time and dedication and are sure to make a great difference for you when you hand in that resume. The time you invest in yourself learning them will result in others wanting to invest in you.


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