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Save A Lot Food Stores is an off-price supermarket chain founded in 1977. With more than 1,300 locations, it is one of the biggest discount retailers in the country. They serve over 5 million people throughout 36 states. Some of the products they offer are groceries, deli, dairy, meat, and seafood. At Save A Lot, you can find career opportunities in sales, distribution, merchandising, accounting, marketing, and more. If you want to become a part of the Save A Lot Team, apply for an open position and start your Save A Lot career.


Save-A-Lot offers excellent benefits to its employees including:

  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • Stock Options
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Sick Days
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Employee Discount
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Professional Development
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Job Training

We currently have 31 open positions across 20 locations spread over 50 states.


St. Ann, Missouri, U.S.




$5B to $10B




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Frequently asked questions about Save-A-Lot

How much do you get paid at Save A Lot?

Salaries at Save A Lot vary depending on the job. For example, the average hourly pay for a Cashier is $9, $9 for a Store Clerk, while a Shift Leader makes an average of $12 an hour.

How much do meat cutters make at Save A Lot?

The average hourly pay for a Meat Cutter at Save A Lot is $16.

What age does Save A Lot hire at?

You have to be 18 years old to get hired at Save A Lot. Some of the most popular entry-level jobs at Save A Lot include Store Clerk and Stocker.

Do Save A Lot employees get paid weekly?

Yes, Save A Lot employees report getting paid on a weekly basis, with the payday being Thursday.

Does Save A Lot drug test?

There are no pre-employment drug tests. However, they do conduct tests in cases of workplace injury and suspicion of drug usage.

How do I apply at Save A Lot?

To apply for a job at Save A Lot, check out a job of interest. Once you’ve found one, press the “Apply Now” button next to open positions or click the “See more jobs” button to see similar positions near you. You can search by location, market type, work type, or keyword. After that, just follow further instructions.

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Save-A-Lot cares

We are proud to be a part of the many communities where we have stores. In some cases, we are the only grocery stores for miles. When our customers walk into our stores they see familiar faces from people who both live and work in the same neighborhoods. Our goal is to support our community, not just by delivering great savings, but with innovative community programs that improve life for us all.

Save-A-Lot reviews


Crew Member

Philadelphia, PA - May 13, 2020

They are good people

Im looking a job that i can mame people happy in always come back to shop.. Im a people preson love learn new things... I work overtime if need im always call to see if i can work when im off the day



Erie, PA - May 11, 2020


Save a lot is a cool place to work on some days the mangers are completely strict an will not let u talk to noone Only help customers they Get smart An always threatened to fire u


Cashier/Customer Service

Moultrie, GA - May 3, 2020


I love the family I created there . They were always supportive and helpful . Management was like my mom and dad . God bless those sweet people . I know they're always there.


Shift Leader

Methuen, MA 01844 - April 29, 2020

Best place I ever worked !

I loved most of my employees, felt like a family ! My managers were the best ! Very understanding and cried when they shut down ! Would recommend if your young and in school very flexible hours !



Niles, OH - April 27, 2020

My experience at save a lot

Its was a great experience i enjpyed ot i had to leave because of personal reasons and i had to move at the time and the people were really nice but my children came first so that was the main reason why i left


Perishable Manager

Norfolk, VA - April 26, 2020

N a

Nice place to work could offer more hours and higher pay. Management is down to earth and easy to get along with. Sometimes you find yourself doing things outside of your pay scale



Martin, KY - April 26, 2020

It's all about Customer Service

I find that my job brings me fulfilment, a feeling of accomplishment and earning my own way. But there's always the stress and frustration that comes with working in and with the public in general. When days get tough u just smile and think of how you would want to be treated.



Hampton, VA - April 25, 2020

Interesting place to work. Learned new things occasionally.

It was a good place to work. Close to public transportation. I learned a lot while I worked there. The only thing that I did not like was the way that management treated me while I worked there.



Memphis, TN - April 23, 2020

Casher and cleaning

The workers was very nice and I got the job done on time. At first I thought it was going to be hard but I had very nice staff members on my team.. every step of the way.


Shift Manager

Whitehall, MI - April 23, 2020


I learned a lot of my management skills from Save-A-Lot, they offered many helpful tips to be as successful as possible in my position. My supervisors were very invested in my future of the company, and I carried everything I learned from inventory and money counting in my future job.



Kenton, OH - April 22, 2020

My review of working at save a lot

Workers there were really lazy and other workers didnt help and support others really well. The pay was minimum wage and they did not have any sort of benefits either. I would not reccomend working here. It would be a great place to work if it was your first job but if you are looking for a happy environment and great work place this is not the place.


Cashier/ Produce/ Bakery Clerk

Warsaw, NY - April 20, 2020

Productive place to work

Overall it was a good place to work. Always staying busy. I went from only being a cashier to produce clerk and bakery clerk before my time came to an end. Good with hours and giving time requested off, off. However i was fired for calling in on an 8 hour split shift (I had a migraine- I don't get them often and when I do they only way to get rid of them is with sleep) the owner called me and fired me. I told him "in 2 years iv'e called off maybe four times" his response was that he has never called in a day of his life and that I was done. I enjoyed the atmosphere and work. Was very sad about my departure.



Parsons, TN - April 17, 2020

No communication

No communication, no one to show how to do stuff. Lack of moving up .The lack of work extras for most of the employees. I was working 7 days week couldn't afford not too.



Rochester, NY - April 17, 2020

Busy place

Everything was good and a great opportunity.the people were great...loved working with the employees. It was a very busy had its slow days..


Retail Cashier

Massillon, OH - April 15, 2020

Altogether Good.

Not the greatest pay, but decent politics within everyone working together to get a common goal done.Definitely get a lot of business at this particular food store so always something to do!


Meat Cutter/Butcher

Salyersville, KY - April 15, 2020

It’s bad

It’s so bad, I would advise anyone stay far away from this place. It’s alright as a starter job, but management is crazy, and it ant gonna get ant better


Graphic Designer

St. Louis, MO - April 14, 2020

They have a ping pong table and work out facility.

Management is a big problem at Save A Lot. Not recognizing talented hard working employees and promoting people who are not qualified to direct / manage a group/department.


Cashier/ Stocker

Barberton, OH - April 14, 2020

close to housing, great people

Aside from some run ins with the managers, the job was great. I loved going into work and helping customers. The only thing that was lacking was the hours and the pay, that was the only reason I left Save A Lot in the first place.


Store Manager

Berks County, PA - April 12, 2020

No loyalty

No direction because they lack skills to communicate effectively.No loyaltyNo leadership because it changes to oftenNo consistencyNo stability looking to be sold


Grocery Clerk/Stocker

Philadelphia, PA - April 9, 2020

Jack of all trades

Well my experience there was very brief because of this pandemic right now they shortly started doing hours cutting and it led up to multiple employees being laid off now I'm back at square one


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*Add your review and share your experiences with us

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