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Sam’s Club is an American chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs founded in 1983. owned by Walmart. Today, there are more than 599 warehouse clubs in the United States and more than 150 in Brazil, Mexico, and China. This company is built on integrity, remarkable ideas and leadership. Sam’s Club has more than 40,000 employees and is known for entry-level positions availability. Apply today and start your career at Sam’s Club.


Sam’s Club offers excellent benefits to its employees including:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Sick Days
  • Stock Options
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Employee Discount
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Job Training

We currently have 38 open positions across 29 locations spread over 50 states.


Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S




More than $10B




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Frequently asked questions about Sam's Club

What is the starting pay at Sam's Club?

The starting pay at Sam’s Club varies depending on the job. For example, the starting hourly pay for a Cashier is $11, $11 for a Cafe Associate, while a Meat Cutter earns $14 an hour.

How much do night stockers make at Sam's Club?

An Overnight Stocker at Sam’s Club is paid $12 an hour.

Does Sam’s Club pay weekly or biweekly?

Sam’s Club employees are paid biweekly (every two weeks).

How long is the hiring process for Sam's Club?

After applying, the next step is an in-person interview, which usually takes several weeks before you get invited to an interview.

Does Sams Club hold your first paycheck?

No, they do not hold the first paycheck. You will get every paycheck on time.

Does Sam’s Club drug test?

Yes, Sam's Club conducts drug testing as part of the hiring process. Also, after you are hired, if there is a suspicion of drug use, Sam's Club has the right to test you for drugs.

How to apply at Sam's Club?

To apply for a job at Sam’s Club, check out a job of interest. Once you’ve found one, press the “Apply Now” button next to open positions or click the “See more jobs” button to see similar positions near you. You can search by location, market type, work type or keyword. After that, just follow further instructions.

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Sam’s Club awards and recognitions

Some of the company awards and recognitions include: 



  • Best Omni-Channel Retailer – Large, IRT Retailer Innovation Awards
  • Best Company Managers, Comparably


Sam’s Club cares

We are committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Community giving is something we are very proud of at Sam’s Club. We believe we make the greatest difference by supporting causes that are important to our members and associates.We have donated 64 million meals, and helped recycle over 496,000 tons of material that include cardboard, plastic, aluminum and food waste.

Sam’s Club Ratings and Trends

4.5 of 5
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Sam’s Club reviews



Rating - Job Title




Terre Haute, IN - March 5, 2020

Fun Workplace

The employees are all great to work with and the management isn't too bad. There's supposed to be room for advancement but theres not really any advancement unless you've been there for about half a decade.


Team Lead

Oklahoma City, OK - March 5, 2020

No advancement opportunities

Supervisors do jobs of several people. Stress and responsibilities not worth compensation. Company is downsizing employees so few employees left are overworked. Poor chances of advancement.


Member Team Lead

Charlotte, NC - March 5, 2020

Prepare yourself for a steady work environment

Quite hectic and sometimes frantic.


Sams Club

Memphis, TN - March 5, 2020

Good job

I like sams cause of the environment good people n customers and it jus made my day to go there everyday and b apart of the team so yea it’s a good job


Member Services Representative

Topeka, KS - March 5, 2020

Great Place to be Employed.

The Management, immediate Supervisor's, and Co-worker's are excellent to work with every day.


Food Preparation Worker

Louisville, KY - March 4, 2020

Horrible Management

Don’t get me wrong the job is easy, but many aspects of the company make the job not worth it in the long run. They can’t keep or hire new employees for good reason. Management don’t care about their jobs, and they don’t care if the workers feel appreciated or not.



Dallas, TX - March 4, 2020

Fun workplace

i learned many thing about the sales industry with Sam's Club, if it weren't for the hours and lack of management i would have stay there longer, i truly enjoyed working there.


Membership Desk Associate

San Angelo, TX - March 4, 2020

Simple job, annoying membership quota

The only thing I didn't like about the job ( or most retail jobs) was the constant pushing to get Sam's plus memberships. That's one of your main jobs as a membership desk associate but it can make you feel like you're not doing a good job otherwise if your numbers aren't high enough.


Maintenance Technician

Evansville, IN - March 4, 2020

Management and leads are great. I feel they have and display an individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work.

No one can whistle a symphony it takes a whole orchestra to play it



Ypsilanti, MI 48197 - March 4, 2020

The most enjoyable part of this job

This job was very enjoyable all the time even working in the cooler had an upside to it. Some days were busy but the time would just fly by and it didn't feel miserable.


Experienced brand ambassador

South Jordan, Utah - March 4, 2020

My. manager was totally inconsiderate with respect to schedule and treated employees with disrespect.

Poor management period. Made the job unbearable. Disrespect. Scheduled were last minute and had little warning. If I made plans and did not drop them she became explosive.


Freezer/Cooler Associate

Saint Joseph, MO - March 3, 2020


Fast paced, people who aren't capable of working hard don't last long so you're fellow associates are often driven people, and you're going to have to know your responsibilities and stay on top of them in a team-based environment.


Cart Attendant

Yuma, AZ - March 3, 2020

good people, hard work.

During my time working at Sam's Club I met a lot of hardworking good people who where a pleasure to work with. I had the opportunity to provide various services to a wide range of customers and give back something to the community.


Member cashier

Brownsville, TX - March 3, 2020

Good teamwork

Working at Sam's club was a great honor and privilege. They help me out in every possible way. Wish I could go back. My fellow workers were awesome, got along with everyone. Management is good.



Hoover, AL - March 3, 2020

Working at Sam’s

Working at Sam’s was very fun and active. You always had to be on your feet serving with a perfect smile. Remember “Customers are always right”.Also I love how we all help each other out, even tho the we are in different departments.



Lima, OH - March 3, 2020

I enjoyed working in customer service and a fast-paced environment.

Working at Sam's Club I gained experience in the fast paced retail environment. I learned to effectively communicate with others on a one-on-one basis. I developed sales experience in up selling memberships and credit cards. The management was very accommodating in working around my college class schedule. I enjoyed talking with new people/customers each day. Overall it was a good experience, and I resigned only to take a co-op position in my field of study at Honda.


Produce Associate

Fayetteville, AR - March 3, 2020

Good place to work!

In a year's time of working for Sam's they said I was part time and working 38hrs a week. I never got a raise. Never a steady schedule. Different hrs and different days every week.


Sam's Club Associate

Northlake, IL - March 2, 2020

Loved people working with the community

Very busy fast pacing a lot of walking. Handling of large sums of money.. Heavy lifting. Working with different races and culture believes. But we worked as a team.


Cashier/Customer Service

Lithonia, GA - March 1, 2020

Productive and friendly

A typical day is busy. I learn how to pull orders and assist customers. Sams is family oriented. I enjoyed going to work everyday and conversing with different people.


Assistant Manager

Gardena, CA - March 1, 2020


The company always looking to fine ways to service the customer faster and finding procedures by employees to be more efficient so time is not wasted.


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*Add your review and share your experiences with us