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5 rules to ease you through salary negotiations.

Last Update: March 2, 2020

You are expecting a job offer, but the details have not been sorted out yet. Now comes the awkward money talk. How do you approach it? Are you uncomfortable about the subject?

Whether it’s the fear of looking too overconfident, high anxiety about the conversation. Any employee, new or experienced can be nervous when it comes to salary negotiations. But the bottom line is, we all work and deserve to be compensated accordingly for our efforts.

Follow these 5 helpful tips when it comes to negotiating your salary with your employer.

1. Take the first offer as a starting point.

Don’t be so quick to readily accept the first number they throw at you. Take some time to consider the first offer and make sure you are happy. If you take a job and wind up feeling underpaid and underappreciated, neither you or the employers will end up happy.

Give your employers a reasonable response window in which you will consider, and respond to their offer. If it isn’t enough, prepare a counter that you believe to be fair and be ready to negotiate!

2. Don’t be the first to share a number.

The art of salary negotiation is to wait for the employer to make their offer. Unless the employer asks what your expected salary is, don’t provide a number until requested. The key is to be patient and wait for the employer to present what they think is a suitable salary for your experience and skills.


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