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This May Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

Last Update: May 15, 2020

You can often hear about the qualities every employer seeks in an employee, but what about things that will chase away any employer? You might know everything that you should do in an interview, but what if you think something is completely okay to do, but your potential employer completely disagrees. Even if you’re completely sure you are the most qualified candidate, they decided to go with somebody else instead. What is stopping you from getting hired?

Why Am I Not Getting Hired?

If you successfully landed a couple of interviews, but somehow all of them went wrong, it is normal to feel discouraged. Some of the possible reasons are pretty straightforward, but some aren’t. When you come for an interview, you’re probably not going to cuss out the recruiters. But some things you think that goes in your favor, actually do exactly the opposite.

Why Am I Not Getting Hired? 

1. Beating around the bush

Of course, you’re not going to come in and talk about and talk about your grandmother. However, when we say beating around the bush, we mean not being specific enough when talking about something. For example, when you are talking about your skills but have no examples from your life to back that up, you’re being vague and hiring managers don’t like that.

2. Talking bad about your previous employer

So remember the golden rule: Whatever your former employer was like, keep it classy. Don’t go talking bad about your company, regardless of how much they did you wrong. Keep your chin up and stay classy. When asked about a former employee, keep it short, simple and diplomatic. If you start bashing your former company, your potential employer will surely question your loyalty.  That is something you want to avoid when it comes to getting hired.

3. Being too agreeable

You might think that once you get into an interview you need to agree with everything the recruiters say, but that’s not the case. They want someone with critical thinking who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. When doing so, be careful you’re not being offensive or rude; but a well thought argument about a certain topic will show them that you know how to think for yourself. If you agree with 100 percent things they say and have no opinion on your own, it will feel like they’re talking to a parrot.

Being too agreeable

4. Being too friendly

Putting a friendly face is a good thing in terms of being relaxed and sending out good energy. However, that doesn’t mean that you should come to an interview like you and the recruiters are best buddies since the beginning of time. Don’t get too personal and don’t share TMI. The company might be super laid back and people that work there might be really close, but that comes only after you’ve landed the job. Interviews are reserved for being 100 percent professional.

5. Cockiness

There is a fine line between someone who is confident and someone who is straight-up arrogant. If your idea of convincing them that you’re the right fit for the job is by being all-too-confident it will backfire so fast, and blow right up in your face. They don’t want someone who is all talk, especially someone bragging. Know the difference between qualifying yourself for the job and bragging. The latter won’t get you a job, for sure.

Over to you

These are the five biggest pet peeves among job recruiters. Displaying these traits in your interview will definitely ruin your chances of getting hired. Of course, don’t forget the basic interview rules: show up on time and dress appropriately. Also, make sure to avoid those cliche phrases everyone uses in interviews and you’re good to go.



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