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Small Ways to Keep Your Work Motivation High

Last Update: March 19, 2020

We all know that feeling when you need to get back to work, but you just don’t feel like it. You need to work because money doesn’t grow on trees. You may even love your job, but some days you just don’t feel like going.

When there’s everything you’d rather do than work, we have a few pieces of advice that might help.

Reward yourself


It’s no secret that reward is one of the best motivators. Concentrate on your final goal. Is your job something that helps society? If it is, think of all the people that will benefit from your hard work. If your job is not that kind of a job, concentrate on yourself.

What will you do with the money you earn? Are you going to buy yourself that trousers that caught your eye a few days ago? Is this money going to help your child to go to college one day? To motivate yourself, go online and browse the Internet. Look for good colleges, and then feel better knowing that you’re helping your child to get there.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can help you stay motivated. Buy yourself a cake and eat it only after you finish some task you’re supposed to do. It will be a small reward for the hard work that you’ve done. You will feel good eating the cake, and because you did a good job.

A good motivation can also be the future of your job. Maybe if you work hard enough you may get that promotion? Maybe if you put enough effort, your product will be the best on the market? Always think about what may happen if you work hard enough. It will surely be something rewarding.

Keep it fun


If you are more of a people person, look into all the ways you can include other people in your job. That way, socializing and working with others will make your job more pleasant. You can all brainstorm some ideas in how to work better, easier, more efficient, etc.

Try and make a game, whoever finishes the job first, or the most efficient, get’s some sort of reward. It can be 5 minutes more on the break, or something small like that. It will add the fun and excitement in work. Not the mention how competitive games always motivate everyone to do better than usual.

If you are a lone wolf, try arriving earlier to work, while there’s still no one. You will have some time for yourself and you can work in peace in quiet.

Start with easier tasks


When coming back to work, don’t overwhelm yourself. Make a to-do list. Study what’s the hardest and what’s the easiest thing to do. Start with something easier so you don’t get a panic attack.

Once you get back on track, you can take on the more complicated tasks. It’s never a good idea to start with the hardest thing on your list. It will kill your drive right in the beginning.

You will feel better because you already did something. Once you warmed up, you can start with the more difficult ones. It won’t feel so overwhelming.



If you have a lot of work, organize. Break everything you need to do in smaller sections. If you feel like you are lagging behind and there is so much to do, you will be stressed. Once you’re stressed, you can’t do your job effectively.

Make a to-do list and put a tick on every single thing you do. A to do list is efficient because

  • You won’t forget anything
  • It helps you prioritize your tasks
  • Once you start crossing things out, it is a visual proof of your efficiency

Seeing things getting crossed out one by one gives you a satisfying feeling. Listing things can often make you see that there isn’t THAT much work like you first thought.

And there you go. These are some of the things you may do to make your life easier when you need to get back to work, but really don’t want to. Hopefully, you will find some of them useful. Happy working!


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