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Qdoba is a fast-casual dining restaurant chain that serves Mexican cuisine. Since its founding in 1995 it expanded to over 750 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Some of the most popular items on Qdoba’s menu include burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadilla. For everyone interested in restaurant or management positions, Qdoba offers a variety of part-time and full-time opportunities. Paid training and opportunities for professional development ar just some of the benefits of working at Qdoba. Apply for an open position and start your Qdoba career!


Qdoba offers excellent benefits to its employees including:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours
  • Military Leave
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Sick Days
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Free Lunch or Snacks
  • Employee Discount
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Professional Development
  • Job Training

We currently have 22 open positions across 16 locations spread over 50 states.


San Diego, California, U.S.


1,001 to 5,000


$50M to $100M


Restaurants, Travel, Leisure



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Frequently asked questions about Qdoba

How much do they pay at Qdoba?

Salaries at Qdoba vary depending on the job. For instance, the average hourly pay for a Line Server is $9, $9 for a Cashier, $11 for a Line Cook, while a Shift Supervisor makes $12 an hour.

How old do you have to be to work at Qdoba?

The minimum age to work at Qdoba is 16 years old. At that age, you can work at several team member positions.

Does Qdoba get paid weekly?

No, Qdoba employees get paid every two weeks (biweekly). The payday is Friday.

How much does a manager at Qdoba make?

Depending on the management level, the average yearly pay for a General Manager at Qdoba is $48,519 a year, while a Restaurant Manager makes an average of $48,449 a year.

Do they drug test at Qdoba?

No, there are no pre-employment drug tests at Qdoba. However, they are a drug-free workplace and retain the right to drug test their employees randomly or if there is a suspicion of drug usage.

How to apply for a job at Qdoba?

To apply for a job at Qdoba check out a job of interest. Once you’ve found one, press the “Apply Now” button next to open positions or click the “See more jobs” button to see similar positions near you. You can search by location, market type, work type or keyword. After that, just follow further instructions.

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Qdoba awards and recognitions

Some of the company awards and recognitions include: 



  • Gold Consumers’ Choice Award, Restaurants & Institutions Magazine

Qdoba cares

Craveable food. Raveable careers. Qdoba puts you first. We know that our restaurant employees do everything to build Qdoba’s business and without you we wouldn’t be here. In return, we do everything we can to support you… and we feel honored to do it. We are dedicated to allowing you to be the best version of yourself, each and every day.

Qdoba reviews


Restaurant General Manager

Lancaster, PA - May 13, 2020

Toxic Culture No help from HR

Toxic culture and no help or follow through from HR, this was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a brand. It’s a shame because the food is great and the training is easy to understand but the management and corporate management don’t care to support their staff. Probably explains why they aren’t doing so well in sales. Too much turnover amongst their restaurant managers.


Cashier/Customer Service

Indianapolis, IN - May 13, 2020

Needs More Assignments and or contracts

It was always busy, i had great customers, i learned that its ok to do things your own way and other peoples ways, the culture was diverse, the job wasn't hard at all, i enjoyed my customers and the food. I wish that it could've been more team and respect shown.


Line Worker

Worcester, MA - May 6, 2020


it was a great experience loved working there learned a lot it was always very busy meet a lot of great people loved working on the line and you had to be very quick


Assistant Manager

Philadelphia, PA - May 4, 2020

Hard to please bosses!

Two bosses-one would tell you to do something one way and the other would say it’s wrong to which you feel defeated. As a salary employee they make you clock out even if you are still working to keep within the labor hours in which you still get paid but for safety purposes and your are the only one left in the building and something happens you are not accounted for. They allow minimal staff to on for cleaning the entire restaurant at the end of the night in which as a manger you can help but then stuff after doing hours of unnecessary paperwork.



Bayonne, NJ - May 4, 2020

Not a good place to work at

Worked for a month Did not like the job the pay was great the manager did not like how other team members would help me out I always kept getting rushed didn’t get no breaks no definition of teamwork no help when it came to cooking cleaning and etc. what a job


Grill Cook

Hattiesburg, MS - May 2, 2020

They’re ok

It’s a very good well paying job for students, It’s a good place to work if you like to eat Mexican food bc you get one free meal a dead Yay that’s exciting



Phoenix, AZ - April 30, 2020

Ambiente divertido con refrescos gratis

Un dia en Qdoba consiste de risas y tambien mucho trabajo. Tipicamente, trabajo en la parte de atras preparando alimentos pero hay veces que estaba en frente sirviendo la linea. Aprendi a trabajar en equipo, a comunicarme y a ser diligente. Mis supervisores siempe estuvieron dispuestos a guiarme y corregirme si no sabia hacer algo o si hice algo mal. Siempre fui tratada con respeto y amabilidad. En realidad todo me gusto del trabajo y no tengo nada en que quejarme.



Austin, TX - April 25, 2020

Great to work for

One of the best jobs I’ve had so far. Sad to see the situation that we’re in right now that does not allow me to work for the company at the time, due to COVID-19. Friendly environment, fast paced, able to make customers feel happy & wanted. Easy to move up if you out hard work & energy into the company.


Front Crew

Coeur d'Alene, ID - April 23, 2020

Qdoba sucks

I worked at the Coeur d’Alene branch, and the environment there is toxic and management is horrid. Also the food is super gross, idk why anyone would want to eat there. Don’t work for Qdoba if you’re looking for work in the CDA area.


Front Crew Member

Peoria, IL - April 20, 2020

Qdoba is just a great place to be

Qdoba's awesome place to work it has a clean environment the staff is easy to get along with. Management is easy to talk to. Qdoba has flexible hours. You learn a lot there at Qdoba


Prep Specialist

Baltimore, MD - April 19, 2020

Good place to gain work experience!

Overall the job was fun because of the constant movement. The workers were nice, but could sometimes get wild. The only thing I dislike was the instant change of routine.



Sanford, FL - April 18, 2020

Disgruntled employees

Biggest bunch of a holes, everyone constantly on their phone and talk smack the whole time, gm and assistant manager need anger management classes. Pay is weekly, only benefit worth mentioning.


Crew Member

Muncie, IN - April 15, 2020

Underpaid and weird coworkers

The job overall was okay but management seemed to be drama oriented, and managers would often start dramatic arguments with coworkers. I Would not work there again.


Line Server

Tigard, OR - April 8, 2020

Not the Best

The managers here don't really know that they are doing and I wouldn't recommend working there as your first job. While I was working there, all of the managers were college students who had no experience in restaurants.



Ft. Hood, TX - April 5, 2020

I did not enjoy working at this job.

Working at Qdoba was not good. The manager was more bossy than helpful. It was like there was always something wrong, the manager was never satisfied.


Crew Member

Fayetteville, NC - April 5, 2020


As a person with a mental disability, I was disrespected, lied to, and not taken seriously. I have been written up for my panic attacks and talked down to about my medication and monthly appointments. Management fails to help employees better themselves and ignore conflict within the work environment even when it is reported. It was a constant battlefield once I clocked in. There was no respect among coworkers and management. If you were to seek work for this company, I would say good luck to you.


Kitchen Staff

Edina, MN - April 3, 2020

Very good

Esta muy bien el trabajo es relajado porque es una ubicación muy de poca gente pero en fin acabo trabajo es siempre me agrado trabajar ahí además de su comida por su puesto es solo un comentario


Team Member

Thornton, CO - April 2, 2020

I don’t really have a comment at this time.

I really don’t have a comment at this time. Because I do not know what to say. There is too much for me to say there are a lot of positives and negatives. Like any job.


Shift Leader

Anderson, IN - March 31, 2020

Great Team!

The best place to work at hands down! I have driven a long ways from home to continue working here since I love it there that much! Great everything for a job


Crew Member

Sioux Falls, SD - March 31, 2020

Its a really loving environment everyone is helpful and supportive and will help you succeed.

Qdoba is a great place to work good environment everyone is helpful and everybody plays a part when getting things done. A lot of hard working, fun and loving people working with you , with alot of laughter and work. I would recommend working at Qdoba with their , flexible hours and the pay is pretty acceptable for one coming in to the real world.


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