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Pet Peeves at Work You See Every Day

All the things that make your eye twitch just a little.

When you start working somewhere, you develop certain habits. People that already work there have habits on their own. That’s what we are all made of. It is normal that sometimes all two or more worlds collide. Some of your habits probably annoy your coworkers, and your coworkers probably have some of them that annoy you. That’s normal, as long as nobody goes overboard. You are there to make life easier for one another, not the other way around. We bring you some of the most common pet peeves that are present in the everyday workplace.

  1. Being late to work/meetings
  2. Warming up smelly food
  3. Chewing loudly
  4. Talking too much
  5. Listening to music on speakers
  6. Singing/humming to music
  7. Having a poor personal hygiene
  8. Having a messy desk
  9. Leaving the toilet without toilet paper
  10. Using the last (insert anything here) and not replacing it
  11. Sharing too much information
  12. Talking negatively about everything
  13. Coming to work sick
  14. Being overly cheerful
  15. Slacking on your job
  16. Blaming others for your mistakes
  17. Refusing to help others
  18. Not being a team player
  19. Eating someone else’s food from the fridge
  20. Leaving your stale food in the fridge
  21. Not washing your mug (or other dishes)
  22. Insisting on putting more trash in already full trashbin and refusing to take the trash out
  23. Making constant pranks on coworkers
  24. Talking to yourself
  25. Making loud personal phone calls
  26. Staying too late on breaks
  27. Leave passive-aggressive post-its
  28. Coming to work covered in dog’s/cat’s hair
  29. Not listening to others when they’re talking to you
  30. Giving advice when no one asked you for it
  31. Lying about personal problems/sickness to get free days
  32. Eating snacks that cause a lot of noise
  33. Talking about your s/o all the time
  34. Talking about your kid all the time
  35. Showing everyone pictures on your phone that no one asked you for
  36. Asking personal questions
  37. Insisting on being friends with your coworkers
  38. Coming to work hangover
  39. Going overboard in desk decorations
  40. Sending bunch of unnecessary emails
  41. Constantly being on your phone
  42. Using too much perfume
  43. Tapping your pen all the time
  44. Leaving your phone notifications on
  45. Being rude to coworkers
  46. Taking offense at everything anyone says
  47. Burping
  48. Stealing office supplies
  49. Eating treats and not offering any to your coworkers
  50. Making inappropriate remarks

We are sure that you’ve done some of these because honestly, who hasn’t? But some of these might seem hard to believe, but there are people here and there that do them. And your coworkers probably do some of these as well. As long as everyone tries to be considerate and keep everything on a bright note, the work atmosphere will be just fine. Like already discussed, it is pretty normal to have some things that annoy others and vice versa. However, if someone constantly keeps doing things that bother you and/or other coworkers, that’s more than just a matter of pet peeves. Situations like that should be discussed and you should all work on finding a common solution that works for everybody. It’s important not to let the work atmosphere become toxic, because that’s when the real problems begin.