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12 DIY Ideas for Office Christmas Decorations

7. Christmas jar

This simple decoration goes a long way. It reminds a little bit of a snowball, and everyone loves snowballs. All you need is a mason jar and a little bit of creativity. Put any kinds of decorations you like on the mason jar lid and put some fake snow to make it extra snazzy and Christmassy. It is really easy but it looks great, and you would probably pay a lot more money if you bought something similar to it in store, while you can make your own for a lot less money.

8. Wall decorations out of pizza boxes

Ever thought of what could you do with empty pizza boxes? What if I tell you that they can make a perfect Christmas decoration? You probably never gave it a thought, but now you have a whole new idea. You’re very welcome. You just need something nice to wrap it in and make a bow. And no one would ever guess that once upon a time, your Christmas decoration had a pizza in it.

9. Fireplace monitor on your desk

You know that Santa always goes through the chimney and a fireplace, where you leave him some tasty cookies. To make sure Santa finds your office as well, make a fireplace like this on your desk. Make your dull office desk warm, inviting and Santa friendly. It not hard to make, but it looks so great. Another really effective way to be the star of the office.

10.Christmas tree ornament mobile

If you don’t want a traditional tree in your office, this is a great alternative. This requires quite some time and effort, but it is definitely worth it. This tree is so unusual, looks so effortless (even though a lot of effort goes in it), but it is so genius that everyone will love it. You can choose any ornaments you like and use them to build this awesome Christmas tree. It will be the center of attention in the office, without a doubt.

11. Wall decorations

Wall decorations can go a long way, with some colorful paper you can cut out anything you’d like. You can do some snowflakes, mistletoes, warm Christmas messages, etc. You can put it on the walls with just a little bit of adhesive tape.

12. Elf Coworkers

This one will probably get all the giggles in the office. Imagine how cute would it be if you made elves out of everyone? All you need is some colorful paper and pictures of your coworkers. Thanks to social media today, it isn’t that hard to find everyone’s picture.

And there you go, 12 DIY Ideas for Office Christmas Decorations. Half of the fun is in making them, and everyone will probably love them as well. Of course, before doing any Christmas decorating around the office, you need to talk to your superiors if they agree with it.