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12 DIY Ideas for Office Christmas Decorations

Last Update: March 19, 2020

Once we got Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s already time for Christmas vibes. I don’t know about you, but I already have “Last Christmas” blasting while singing along with George Michael from the top of my lungs. If your Christmas spirit is dancing to Christmas tunes as well, you probably want to bring some of that spirit to the office. Don’t worry because we got you covered. Browsing through Pinterest, we selected 12 DIY ideas for office Christmas decorations.

1. Christmas cabin cubicle

Angela Westfield definitely is one of us who love some Christmas spirit. She decided to decorate her gray, plain cubicle and give it some Christmas character. Now if your cubicle looked like that you certainly wouldn’t mind going to the office because you would work in your Christmas sanctuary. It looks like she is working in Santa’s office, now how cool is that? However, this is for those who are feeling adventurous because it does require a lot of effort to transform your regular cubicle into Santa-approved-cabin.

2. Elf on the shelf

We all know and love elf on the shelf, but this elf can go wherever you want him to. Plush elf is not too hard to make, and it looks adorable. It will brighten up your workspace. Who wouldn’t feel cheerful when they come to work, seeing a little elf smiling and greeting them? You can pass the elf among yourselves so everyone has it for a day, or whatever works for you.

3. Santa-tizer

Everyone needs to have clean hands, and this is why everyone needs to use a hand sanitizer. A great way to make people giggle a little and make their day better is to make this pun-tastic hand sanitizer. Dress it up as Santa and you will get a Santa-tizer.

4. Tree-shaped Christmas lights

Put this Christmas lights in a tree shape on your cubicle wall and it will light up your world. Especially if you’re working late, it’s dark outside and you would probably just like to be home. But these Christmas lights will surely make your late office hours a little more bearable. Throw in some snowflakes and other tree decorations for a more complete picture.

5. Christmas tree made out of paper for your desk

This is where you get to be really creative. This little tree is a perfect decoration you can put on your desk if you don’t want to go full-jolly mode. It’s different, simple but so effective. It looks really pretty and you can always throw in a little extra something that differs a little bit from the sample. If you love simplicity, this is a perfect desk decoration for you. It is simple, pretty and it definitely serves its purpose. And everyone will definitely be admiring your cute desk-tree.

6. Fruity Christmas Tree

This is perfect for two reasons-it’s pretty and it’s edible. However, this Christmas decoration isn’t meant to last through the whole Christmas season, so probably do it before some Christmas office party or something like that. It’s so easy to make, you don’t even need a special tutorial. All you need are a few toothpicks and some fruit (plus one carrot). Quick, easy to make, interesting looking and really tasty. What can beat that?


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