No Car, No Problem. Lyft Will Take Care of That!

Lyft gives drivers new opportunity with its new Express Drive Program

Lyft’s Express Drive program originated in Chicago where the company encountered a high number of sign-ups, but many applicants did not have a qualifying car. The company did not want to leave them out of the opportunity to earn an income.

Express Drive allows drivers without a qualifying vehicle, and those without a personal vehicle, to borrow and use a rental car and cash in on the ridesharing industry. Gifting drivers the freedom of transportation for personal use in exchange for a certain amount of hours working for Lyft!

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Company car on the first day? Talk about a perk!

Insurance and maintenance are covered for rentals and the rental price can be as low as $0 in exchange for so many rides give a week. An incredible opportunity for those whose finances don’t allow for a personal car.

Seasoned Lyft Driver Carlos Correa vehicle had seen its final days. He had been driving with Lyft for 3 years but he needed a new car and was worried the financial burden would compromise his families situation. When weighing the options of buying or leasing, neither was the right decision for them.

“When I sat down with my wife and looked at the cost of a down payment, monthly maintenance, insurance, and depreciation, I just wondered if it was worth it to get into the debt,” Carlos says.

When he heard about Lyft’s new program, the decision was a no-brainer.

“Express Drive seemed like a great deal,” says Carlos, “I’m not locked into a long-term lease. If I want to take a break for a few weeks, I can return the car and get it again later.”

If you have wanted to try driving without committing to a lease or a loan, your car is in the shop and you need a car for a week or two, the mileage on your personal vehicle is just too high. Express Drive is a great option for you!

Rent a Ride with Lyft and Express Drive and see how much you can earn today.

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