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Don’t Do This When Negotiating Salary

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Negotiating salary is always a tricky business. It is uncomfortable for both parties, but it is something that needs to be discussed. The tricky part is that you want them to go as highest as they can, and they want to offer you the lowest they can. People that are good at poker are probably good at negotiating salary as well. However, if you’re not one of them, worry not. We list you things you should steer clear when doing the deed.

1. Don’t talk numbers

It’s very important that you don’t give them the specific number. If you reveal how much you’re currently earning, it definitely lowers your possibility of earning significantly more. They can ask you what do you expect your salary to be, as well. The best answer to this is to say that you trust in their judgment. You will be working hard and that you know that they will recognize it and compensate you adequately.

2. Be careful about how you reject their proposition

If their solution isn’t something you’ve hoped for, don’t say no. Expressing negativity in this situation is unadvised. To turn down their proposition once they make it, instead of saying something negative, try saying “I would be more comfortable with…”. Don’t show them if you are uncomfortable, especially do not say you’re sorry. That doesn’t send out the assertive image you want to project, and that’s how you might end up with less money then you’ve hoped for.

3. But be sure to reject it if you don’t like it

You are not obligated to say ‘yes’ if you are not comfortable with the amount they have offered you. You might feel a pressure from them to say yes but don’t back down. Saying yes and hoping things will magically change in the future isn’t that likely to happen. This is why now’s the time to take a stand and know how much your work is worth.

4. Don’t talk about what you want, talk about what you deserve

This is serious business and it precedes your personal wants and desires. We are talking about being rightfully compensated for your work. Don’t come there with an attitude that this is some personal desire of yours and it would be so nice if they could fulfill it. Do some research and find out what is the usual pay for the job you’re applying to. That way you can approximately know what to expect and don’t go below that number.

5. Don’t postpone it

No matter how the discussion uncomfortable may be, don’t postpone it. You can’t accept the job without knowing how much you’re getting paid for it. As already mentioned, if you aren’t comfortable with the amount you’re offered, don’t accept the job until you come to the solution that’s acceptable to both parties.

Negotiating salary is serious, uncomfortable thing. However, it just comes with the territory. But you need to be prepared because it will seriously affect your career. As you prepare for your interview, this is something you need to prepare for as well. Especially if talking money is a problem for you. Work on that skill now so you don’t regret it later. Your future depends on it.


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