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Find It Hard to Motivate Yourself at Work? This Might Help

Last Update: June 17, 2020

Working an 8-hour shift every day can drain a person. You might start feeling like you’re in a rut and your job doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to be. It’s possible that you find it hard to motivate yourself when it comes to work because it just feels so meaningless.

That’s a very common problem, but you need to do something about it because your work might become unbearable after a certain period of time. Give it a moment or two before you start to think about changing your job. It might not all be as bad as it seems at the moment.

What do you find important in life?

You have your set of values that basically make you who you are. If your job is disconnected from that, you will feel it hard to motivate yourself not just at work, but in general. You will feel dissatisfied because different parts of your life might feel contradictory. Your work won’t complete you in any way. You might feel like your boss is the one who should make this job meaningful for you, but that’s not entirely true.

Money is definitely an important aspect of every job. You do the best work you can and you get paid accordingly. You get accommodated for the effort you put in completing a certain task. However, if money is your only motivation for doing your job, it’s very likely you’ll feel dissatisfied.

Think about your main values in life, and how do they reflect in your everyday work schedule. It’s your task to incorporate it into your work.

Money is definitely an important aspect of every job

Make it more personal

Whatever you do, you end up with a certain end product at the end of every completed task. Whether it is a material thing you can hold in your hands, whether it is something that is displayed online or something third. Someone will probably get the product of your work, one way or another.

Are you ever thinking about the users of your service/product? What would be the best way to motivate yourself? Most people feel good when they know they are doing¬†good. Think about if you were them, how would you feel having the product/service and using it? Would you be satisfied? Why not go one step further- would that make you happier? It doesn’t need to be a life-changing experience, but a little something can go a really long way if you put your heart and soul into it. Happiness is often in the small, everyday things.

If you work in retail, just imagine how many people are feeling the impact of your job. Without you and people like you, people wouldn’t have things that they need in their everyday life. From food to clothes, to basically everything you can buy. If you are working in public service, you are a part of the system that a state couldn’t function without. If your job is something creative, imagine how many people were affected by something that you created. Every single job makes a difference, you just need to dig deep enough to come to that. Once this becomes clear, everything changes.

Butterfly effect theory can actually be applied to every single job. Everyone is doing something that will have some impact on someone else’s lives. Why not try that the impact is the best it can be? Why not go the extra mile? These people will feel better because of you, and you will feel better because of the job you did for others as well. It goes around in a circle, and you can make the energy of the circle very positive. Once you understand to what extent results of your work go, you won’t find it so hard to motivate yourself anymore, and that’s a fact.


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