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Most Annoying Things Retail Customers Do Around Christmas Time

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Holidays are approaching, but not everyone is jolly. People in retail really do have it pretty tough around the holiday season. We went to Reddit to see what are the most annoying things customers around this time.


Treat me like I’m a brainless ape after asking me a question. I have countless people ask me to look for an item in the back, I’ll say we don’t have it, then I’ll catch them asking the next employee they find. Shocker, the second and even third person you asked told you no. How crazy is that?


Same as every day just 10x.

Line jumpers. When I open a register and say, I’ll take the next person in line I don’t mean the one at the end.

Look at it. Touch it. But if you’re not going to buy it, please put it back.

Please don’t open boxes that can’t be re-sealed to look at the product. Now I have to damage it out. This morning I found one of each brand of aluminum foil opened. I’m guessing someone had to compare thickness. It’s a dollar store damn it. It’s going to be thin.

I know all my product and where it is. As the manager, I read our shipping manifest. If I say we don’t have anymore, we don’t.

If something is missing in the bathroom, ask an associate. I appreciate that you want to clean up your own mess or unclog the toilet, but grabbing cleaning products off the shelf when I have a closet full of industrial ones is a waste and can cause liability issues.

Never abuse my staff. You will be banned. Period.

Get upset at seasonal merchandise running out. Do not come two days before Xmas and expect a good selection of holiday items.

As always, not putting stuff back from where they got it.

I’ve had a customer ask me to find her a t-shirt that was “less creased” than the one she had in her hand. I told her to iron it (politely, I may add) and she threw it in my face saying it was a disgrace that you had to iron clothes from my shop before you wore them.

I mean, who DOESN’T wash AND iron new clothes. You don’t know where they’ve been!

Not necessarily customers but after a month of listening to Christmas music 8 hours a day over and over, you start to think that the Grinch had a point.

Exercise some patience.

We are a small family company. We schedule more staff, we set up an extra register, and we do all we can to keep the lines moving. However, it is busy. We don’t maintain a 1 employee for every customer ratio (as it would be unreasonable to do so). Thus you are probably going to have to wait a few minutes to be served.

The ongoing commentary about the wait. The loud sighs or walking in demanding immediate service are unwelcome.

Also, we realize that during the holidays budgets are stretched thin. However, prices are non-negotiable. The price that is asked is the price you pay. End of discussion.

The holidays can be madness for a manager. I trust my staff and will always back them up. I am no interest in having unruly or unreasonable customers, they negatively impact the experience for my other customers, ruin the morale and more times than not are making demands which would cost me money. I have zero interest in placating people like that.

It is an unusual experience for some, as far too many companies bend over backward if somebody makes a scene. However, I will just ask you to leave, and if you don’t leave – I will involve law enforcement (which in general, being a destination for several of my local precincts, there is probably a cop within 20 feet).



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