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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken and the world’s second-largest restaurant chain. There are more than 22,500 locations in 136 countries. KFC wants skilled workers to fill part-time jobs and full-time careers on a regular basis. Their global culture is actively developing a workforce that is diverse in style and background, where everyone can make a difference. If you want to become a part of the KFC team, apply for an open position and start your KFC career.


KFC offers excellent benefits to its employees including:

  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • 401(k) plan
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Sick Days
  • Free Lunch or Snacks
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Job Training
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Discount

We currently have 46 open positions across 32 locations spread over 50 states.


Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.




$100M to $500M


Restaurants, Travel, Leisure



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Frequently asked questions about KFC

What is KFC starting pay?

Salaries at KFC vary depending on the job. For example, the average hourly pay for a Team Member is $9, $9 for a Cashier, while a Shift Supervisor earns $11 an hour.

Can 14 year olds work at KFC?

No, the minimum hiring age at most KFC locations is 16 years old. However, some states have a lower age limit.

What are the positions at KFC?

Some of the most wanted positions at KFC are: Team Member, Customer Service, Cook, Shift Manager, Cashier, Assistant Manager, General Manager.

Do you need a resume for KFC?

A resume is technically not required for most entry-level jobs, but it will probably increase your chances to get a job at KFC.

Do KFC workers get discount?

Yes there is an employee discount. at KFC restaurants. The discount is a 20% off all items in the restaurant. As an employee, you are also provided with a free meal while at work.

How to apply at KFC?

To apply for a job at KFC, check out a job of interest. Once you’ve found one, press the “Apply Now” button next to open positions or click the “See more jobs” button to see similar positions near you. You can search by location, market type, work type or keyword. After that, just follow futher instructions.

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KFC awards and recognitions

Some of the company awards and recognitions include: 



  • Trusted Brand in 2010 – Gold Award, Reader’s Digest


  • KFC People Excellence Award, Yum! Brands


KFC cares

KFC is as committed to the planet as we are to our food and customers. This includes the development of a long-term plan to implement a more sustainable packaging strategy in our restaurants across the globe. For 20 years, KFC restaurants have been fighting hunger in local communities by donating unsold product to those in need through the Harvest program.

KFC Ratings and Trends

3.3 of 5
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KFC reviews



Rating - Job Title



Line Cook

Chicago, IL 60643 - March 5, 2020

new people all the time

management is unskilled in dealing with issues amongst peers. Job isn't stressful although your schedule constantly change sometimes without your knowledge.


KFC Team Member

North Haven, CT - March 5, 2020

Worst job i ever had.

People steal in there. I worked here for 4 almost 5 months an someone stole my whole wallet They promised me fulltime hours an gave me Part time hours


Shift Manager

Portsmouth, VA - March 5, 2020

Kfc is a great place to work

Kfc is a great place to start from they give you amazing opportunities where you can build and learn from I would recommend this job for everyone who is starting out


KFC Team Member

Shreveport, LA - March 5, 2020


KFC is a starter job . This establishment prepared me for customer service. There will be times when working with people will be pleasant and not so pleasant.



Newton, KS - March 5, 2020

Great place to work

I've been working for kfc since I was 12 years old. Was hired oct 15th of 1991 to current. I've been on the management team the whole time .I like that they work with my other schedule



Norfolk, VA - March 4, 2020

Great company

Its is a very fun job to have with flexible schedule good pay also you will be able to learn teamwork get to know new things and help a lot of people out


Crew Member

Bangor, ME - March 4, 2020

Not sure

I have a lot of ups and downs with it, a lot to do with management and how they treat employees. Always was promised a promotion and in the years I never got it. When I would have to miss work i would let them know ahead of time and it was for my children not having school or being sick. As well as parents


Crew Member

Clinton, IA - March 4, 2020

You have to make sure customers are happy

You take orders keep the front clean make sure customers are happy and pleased with everything that they want make sure things are stocked and filled and placed were they go



Charlotte, NC - March 4, 2020


I appreciate the opportunity that they gave me. They are good people. The management is willing to help you succeed in the performance of your job. It's a good place to work.


Cook/Team Member

Milwaukee, WI - March 4, 2020

Good place to start learning the ins and outs of fast food

I worked the night shift so I can't speak for the day shift. Night shift is very busy and hectic. Managers are constantly asking for chicken even if all the fryers are taken. They barely use manners which made it hard to do things for them. There is not much respect where i was working.



Hudson, NC - March 4, 2020

Great start-out job for those that need experience.

Staff is friendly and you will always be on your toes when working there. The Restaurant is very clean (inside and out) and the management is usually on top of things.


Cashier/Customer Service

Herriman, UT - March 4, 2020

Not happy

The took 2 months to get me in the system and then I only got 15 to 20 hours after telling them I needed full time hours was not happy with them the customers weren't happy with the customer service



Houston, TX - March 3, 2020

Fast paced work environment

This job was hard for me initially because of my inexperience, but also because of my ignorance about the treatment of food service workers. I learned quickly to keep up with the fast-paced environment. Often I found myself doing many jobs at once making orders for drive-through, stocking up on supplies, taking/making orders for my front counter, and also pre-packing up food such as sides, and cookies for orders in advance. As a staff, I think we often found ourselves disconnected from one another with everyone trying simply to do their job and not much else. However, we did come together to help one another out when we could, and I feel we worked better that way. I worked with stocking, also with the maintenance of the lobby, and bathroom facilities. Soon after the first week of work I learned to navigate the world of foodservice in a way that I found allowed me to maintain an enjoyable guest experience all the while protecting my lucidity.


Team Member

Bennettsville, SC - March 3, 2020

KFC was a great place to work.

Kfc was a nice and fun place to work. Management was GREAT. I’m glad I chose it as my first job. Working there has helped me with my communication skills.


Customer Service Representative

Jeffersonville, IN - March 3, 2020

Management didn't care

Management only treated you good if you kissed their butt. If you had problems, you had to deal with it on your own. If you asked for more hours or a promotion, your hours got cut until they were nonexistent.


Team Member/Cashier

Monmouth, OR - March 3, 2020

I recommend working here, as an entry level.

The pay is okay. Management is amazing. flexible schedules. great team work environment. Working At this KFC is great for entry level job seekers. I recommend working here


Shift Supervisor

Rock Springs, WY - March 3, 2020

Healthy place to work at

The people and management are awesome! The hours are really flexible. It’s just a really good overall place to work at. I’ve never had any issue working there before.


Fast line cook

Loveland, CO - March 3, 2020

over all this is not a good place to work

Wouldn’t not recommend this job to anyone ever you don’t advance at this place and they don’t care if you want to work in a certain position will put you where they need you and do not listen if you tell them you feel comfortable in another position and would like to work that don’t listen to your availability or what works best for you.


KFC Team Member

Batesburg-Leesville, SC - March 2, 2020

Hard workers and the customers

The customers were the best part of my day i was always given complements and I always succeeded with what they wanted or need we always made sure we put a smile on our customers face


Team member

Craig, CO - March 2, 2020

It’s a good job

I excelled working for kfc, it was a high paced job where your constantly going and on your feet. Which happens to be good for me because I am a busy body and don’t like just standing around and I always have interest in furthering my education and wanting to move up in the company


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*Add your review and share your experiences with us