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9 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

We don’t live in the same world as we did 15 years ago, that’s one thing that’s sure. Technology is developing, meaning that many jobs become obsolete, and many other jobs are invented. People often fear from the future because they think that they will lose their jobs. Rarely they think about how many new and interesting job positions are about to open. Jobs that didn’t exist before rarely cross our minds. It’s not only the technology that makes all these changes. Our lifestyle changes the need for certain services.

Remember, long time ago when cars were more an exception than a rule, there weren’t as many mechanics as there are now. That’s completely normal because there was no need for them to that extent. Aesthetics has much greater meaning that it did before? Do you remember the nineties where you could go out looking like you just went dumpster diving and no one would even bat an eyelash? Now we have tons of people that make money out of making us look the way we want to.

The Internet has made everything accessible. People educate themselves to do all kinds of things, and they get money out of it in the end. They are using their creativity to find unique ways to make money because the more unique you are, the better the chances you’ll succeed. If your services are interesting and unique, people will want to hire you for them. Children’s birthdays, for example, have changed a lot in the past 15 years. Now we have inflatable castles, princesses, and clowns that animate the children, etc.

Do you ever stop to think about what are the jobs that didn’t exist before, and we have them now? Some of these jobs are so normal and we got so used to them that we don’t even think about it as a novelty. We took time to list 9 of these jobs that seemed interesting to us. Some of these jobs are still unusual, and some of them are omnipresent.

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There are some other honorable mentions such as an Uber driver, SEO specialist, Digital marketing specialist, Data Analyst, Drone expert, User experience designers, and many more… Thanks to these people, we live our lives the way we do. Or maybe we should we say, thanks to our lifestyles, these people get to do what they do. It’s fascinating because we rarely stop to think about it. and just to think about all the new job positions that will be opened, which we never heard of before. Many jobs will become extinct as well. It is a natural cycle of life, but it is definitely exciting to see where it takes us.