Jobs That No One Notices When Done Correctly, But Everyone Notices When Not Done Right

Can you think of any?

Let’s take a moment to think about all the jobs people do that no one really notices, but if they don’t do their job right, everyone loses their mind. What comes to your mind? They are our silent heroes, the workers from the shadows. They are quietly doing our job, and rarely get recognized for it. We went on Reddit to see what comes to mind to other people when it comes to jobs that no one notices when done correctly.

jpop23mn,  Reddit

Wastewater operator.

The only time most the public even thinks about where their poop goes when they flush is if it has to be bypassed to the river or backs up into houses.

deleted account, Reddit

My dad became a water treatment guy for our town after he lost his previous job. The amount of studying he had to do was incredible. As a 50+-year-old guy, studying wasn’t very easy for him. I give that field a lot of respect now.

deleted account, Reddit

The people who do their very best in setting up before a concert, all those lights, decoration, etc. Hardly anyone notices their impeccable good work. But they will be recognized when the lights suddenly go out.

UNPER50N, Reddit

Nuclear power plant safety inspector, water quality inspector, waste management, any job that monitors the quality of infrastructure.

Sirnando138, Reddit

Line cook. Nobody says “good job” about the other 300 dishes that went out perfect. But ONE steak comes back a little overdone, and you are incompetent. I don’t miss that feeling.

willOTW, Reddit

I saw a great YouTube video explaining why we think CGI today sucks… Essentially because it’s so good, we never notice it until it becomes a crutch.

Legroom2368, Reddit

I work in blood processing. When I do my job right, hospitals have clean, tested safe blood, plasma, platelets, cryoprecipitate and granulocytes to transfuse into patients. And no-one bears any mind as to what happens in between donor and patient.

If I make a mistake, patients die.


As a bass player, no one ever noticed me or my playing.

One night I couldn’t make it for a gig… Everyone including my friends that aren’t huge music fans that came to watch said it sounded “flat” and “empty.”

Like something was missing…. Yeh the damn bottom end!


Washing dishes. Ever been in a kitchen on a day when the dishy calls in sick? Pure and absolute panic. That stuff doesn’t put itself back on the shelves. The trash doesn’t take itself out. The compost doesn’t magically make it to the bin. That’s all me.



People get paid fine, no one spares a thought for those who made that happen.

Any slight change in what they were expecting – “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY MONEY?? YOU NEED TO FIX THIS NOW BLAH BLAH BLAH” when most of the time it’s something completely out of our control.


Cleaners of public bathrooms.

bjornh,  Reddit

Train drivers. Nobody knows they even exist until your train crashes and 100 people die.

And Jazz bands. Background noise when done right, Horrible noise when done wrong.

And janitors and sysadmins.

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