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9 Tips On How to Increase Productivity At Work (2017)

Last Update: October 23, 2017

We all have those lazy days when you would just love to lay around all day and procrastinate. This is rarely a possibility. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself on work, even though everyone needs you to be in your A-game. That’s natural, but you can fight it and be fully productive. There are certain tips and tricks that will help you increase productivity at work. We list the best 9 of them.

1. Get some rest

First and foremost, you need to get enough sleep. If you come to work feeling all beaten up, you’ll hardly be able to sit in a chair, let alone do anything else. You know yourself and your body the best, therefore you know how much sleep you minimally need in order to feel like a human. Stick to that. Researchers report that 7-8 hours are optimal, but everyone’s different. Some people need 9 hours of sleep. However, sleeping too much should also be avoided. If you sleep too much, you’ll feel drained the whole day as well.

2. Get physical

Exercising is the best life and productivity hack. Physical activity will leave you feeling happy, pumped up and excited about doing things. It will motivate you and make you want to be productive. Not to mention that you will physically feel better, more energized and refreshed. If exercising isn’t one of your habits, don’t go overboard. Take your time and start off with something simple that won’t leave you unable to move. Exercising is an important thing, especially if you have a type of job that consists of sitting in an office chair all the time.

3. Eat something

Whether you work in the morning, or in the afternoon, never come to work feeling hungry. A lot of people feel headaches when hungry. Others are especially nervous or even angry, therefore the term “hangry“. If you are not one of these people, it still doesn’t mean that you should come to work on an empty stomach because this concerns you too. When you are hungry, you are feeling discomfort. You won’t be able to concentrate properly and you won’t feel like being productive at all. You’ll probably spend the entire time thinking about the break and what are you going to buy yourself to eat.

4. Find your feel-good song

This is my personal life-hack. Whenever I have to do something or go somewhere, I grab my headphones and head out. I’ll play whatever the song that makes me feel good at that time. This will put you in a good mood regardless of what time it is, thus it will help you increase productivity at work. When you are in a good mood, nothing is a problem. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some cheerful song, it can be a motivating one, which will make you feel like you are ready for some action. When you feel ready to take over the world, you will probably feel more ready to take over the work that waiting for you.


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