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6 Ideas For Original Halloween At the Office

Last Update: March 2, 2020

The scary season is on full blast. Everyone is looking forward to Halloween, planning out their costumes and parties. However, you can bring the spirit of Halloween to your office as well. Who says you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure? We are here to show you ways you can celebrate Halloween at the office and enjoy yourself.

1. Decorate the office

Nothing lightens up the mood like some office decorations. Or should we say, darkens the mood? But you get the gist of it. Put up some fake spider web, some spiders, some pumpkins, and the office will get that Halloween vibe in no time. Don’t go overboard though. Keep in mind that you’re still at the office, not at home.

2. Dress up

You can make an agreement with your co-workers to go with a group costume, or you can all dress up individually. You can go for a scary costume, funny costume or low effort costume, whatever you prefer. The only thing you have to bear in mind is to keep your costume office friendly. That means keep it appropriate.

3. Create a Halloween playlist

Music is always a great way to get you into a certain mood. If you work in a type of the office that allows you to play music (as long as it is on the reasonable volume), you can play your Halloween playlist. If that’s not an option, you can always put on your earphones and enjoy your spooky playlist.

4. Bring some treats

Even though trick-or-treating is an activity for kids, there’s no adult that doesn’t enjoy an occasional treat. If your coworkers have a sweet tooth, they would probably love the idea of bringing some candy to the office. Eating candy from a pumpkin bucket will surely bring back the memories from your childhood.

5. Do the ‘secret ghost’

Secret ghost is like a secret Santa, but for Halloween. Make cards with names of employees and make everyone draw one card. Agree on the budget you’ll spend on the gifts. Look at it as a competition, who will buy the scariest gift? It is, after all, Halloween.

6. Throw an office party

This goes without saying. What’s Halloween without a Halloween party? Throw a party that will lighten up the mood and actually make you feel excited about being in the office. So gather up, dress up, bring some treats, play some music and have a enjoy this Halloween!


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