How to Achieve Your Goals

It’s not enough just to set your goals if you never follow through.

You know that moment when you get all excited and make plans with your friends, and then when the time comes you would rather get bitten by a rattlesnake than go out. We’ve all been in a situation like that, but if you’re making a habit out of making plans you’ll just cancel anyway, that’s probably a pattern that’s preventing you from achieving your goals. If you have a hard time with that, we give you some tips on how to achieve your goals.

1. Don’t overwhelm yourself

This seems to be the most common case why someone doesn’t stick to the plan made for achieving the goal. If you want to make a change in your life, go step by step. If you put too much on your plate it can kill off your motivation right away. Start off with something smaller and realistic. Let it pave your way to your end goal. With every checkpoint, your drive will increase and little by little, you’ll achieve a lot.

2. Too much planning leads to little action

Planning is a good thing and it helps you stay on track, but if you put too much effort into planning and work every detail out you’ll probably spend too much energy on that and never execute those plans. If you are too much dependent on plans, you might be unable to deal with unpredicted situations and lose your motivation when things don’t go exactly as you planned (and that happens often).

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3. Are you doing it for the right reasons?

Your goals should be for a valid reason that has a personal meaning to you. If you are doing it for others you probably won’t feel so passionate about it and therefore, you will find it harder to make an actual effort to achieve them. Know why you want something and do it for yourself. The reason must be something good to keep you motivated because you will surely have times when you’ll feel like giving up. You can’t let that happen.

4. Don’t postpone it

The hardest thing is to start. This is why postponing it is the worst thing you could do because it can go forever. That “tomorrow” will never come if you keep waiting for it. Start off small, but start. Once you do it everything after that is at least 5 percent easier. We all fall victim to procrastination at times, but you need to know when’s the time to roll up your sleeves, stop slacking and start doing something. Once you do that first step, the second won’t be half as hard.

Following these four tips on how to achieve your goals, you’ll make progress for sure. Be realistic about your expectations and don’t put too much on your plate in order to keep your motivation high. Don’t rely solely on planning because unexpected things happen very often and you can’t spend too much time and energy into planning everything. Make sure you do it for the reasons that mean something to you personally and make sure you make the biggest step- and that’s the first one.