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Stories About Horrible Bosses

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Sometimes you may apply for a really great job in a reputable company, but the boss is the worst. Having an awful boss can make, otherwise pleasant job, a real nightmare. Do you how that feels? We picked some stories from Reddit about people’s experience with horrible bosses.


RedditsInBed, Reddit

I had a boss that absolutely hated me. After realizing she wasn’t qualified for the position and had already slept with two different guys at the company, I came to the conclusion she was a joke and to just be dismissed.

I never paid much attention to her and when she’d show up at my building once every blue moon I kind of just ignored her. I was busy and didn’t have time to play her games.

She wrote me up for being late on three separate occasions. 1 min late, 3 min late and 6 min late. I lived an hour from work and had to deal with traffic, I left my house 2 hours early most days to account for this. But when there’s a wreck, there’s not much you can do as the freeway is backed up and side roads are clogged. Each time I got stuck in traffic I called to let her know.

Still wrote me up in hopes to eventually fire me. So I started leaving the house crazy early, I’d get in super early and leave early. She haaaated it.

Eventually, her behavior got her fired and people till this day remember her and laugh at what a horrible person she was. I also had that write up removed from my file as it was recognized that she was treating many of her employees unfairly.

Orphan_Babies, Reddit

I used to work in high-pressure sales. Once a week the director would come in and to get everyone energized they brought in Monster drinks. She’d leave them in her office for the salespeople to have. Now I liked the Director, she was nice and professional. My manager, on the other hand, was a terrible person.

I got tired of drinking energy drinks, so I decided to not participate this one week. My boss came to me and said, “you didn’t get a monster. You know Wendy (let’s call her Wendy) bought these for the entire division?”

I said I was aware of that, but I didn’t want one. He came up to me and said this “listen, go into that office and get one right now.” I was so stunned that I didn’t know what to do. So I got up, grabbed a can, walked back to my desk and just left it sitting there.

He came back and asked why I didn’t drink it. I told him I didn’t want to have one because my body doesn’t do well with so much caffeine. He asked me to walk into his office.

Now I wasn’t the best at the job. In fact, I hated it. He stated to me that my lack of energy is extremely distracting to him (not to the team, him) and that it shows in my performance. He ended with “if you keep this up we may have to let you go”.

All I said to him was, “ok, well that’s unfortunate – but I will not drink something that takes a toll on my body.”

Low and behold I ended up getting fired. I enjoyed two weeks of unemployment until I got a call back from the same company. They wanted to hire me for a different position, not sales. No interview and higher pay. I took it, and I loved it. (Since moved on to better opportunity)

Now my ex-boss. He ended up being terminated for drug use (cocaine and meth). He actually had the audacity to request me to be a friend on Facebook. I didn’t accept, but I heard from my prior sales coworkers that he was asking for money.

allonsy90, Reddit

I had the worst boss imaginable as my first boss. It would be a wall of text to explain the awful things she did, so here are the highlights:

  • She routinely called me in the middle of the night (11pm – 3am) to complain about things that could wait until work hours.
  • Would Google search “www.WebsiteName.com” to get to ANY website other than Google. Then she got mad when I tried to explain the address bar to her.
  • She was the marketing manager…
  • Harassed me about my body, even when I was trying to lose weight.
  • Would call in the middle of my evening workouts in order to tell me to get to my computer and do some more work instead. She would do this on weekends in the middle of dates with my fiance too.
  • Wouldn’t let me off to go to the doctor until my STAPH infection got so bad I could barely stand up.
  • Stalked me at my new job after I left. Called my new manager (who knew her and how crazy she was) to tell him about a grammar “mistake” I made. She was wrong about it.

DrWhoisOverRated, Reddit

I had a boss who would try to turn every single interaction into an argument or confrontation. I would be at work, going about my business, doing the same thing I do every day, and he would come around, and our interactions would go something like this:

Him: I want you to do it this way

Me: That’s how I’m doing it, that’s how I’ve always done it.

Him: Don’t argue with me, just do what I’m telling to do!

Me: But I…


My only course of action around this guy was to act dumb and make him feel like he was a wise old sage because he had been in this business longer than me. Sometimes 30 years of experience just means that you’ve sucked at your job for 30 years.

Oh, and during my last review with him, he wanted to know why we weren’t better friends.

drfattyphd, Reddit

My first job was working fast food for the biggest cheapskate ever. This was over ten years ago, so I am kinda fuzzy on specifics, but he would regularly schedule me for more hours than I was legally allowed to work, paid less than minimum wage due to a loophole, and refused to turn the ac on, even in the lobby, to save money.

One day, I was scheduled for a shift that he knew I was not available for, (I relied on my parents for rides so I couldn’t work weekdays,) so I spent the night before at a friend’s house who lived close enough for me to walk. It was raining heavily that day so after walking twenty minutes to work I was drenched. I pulled the door handle and the building was locked. No signs on the door, just locked. I call my boss and he says, “You don’t have to work today, we are closed for business.” I say, “Am I working tomorrow?” “No, we are closed for good.”

He was afraid people would half-ass their last shifts and steal product if they knew we were closing, so he just didn’t mention anything. One of the managers was his own brother, and he didn’t even bother to tell the guy that he would be unemployed and needed to find a new job.

kennie_leigh, Reddit

My boss is an absolute HR nightmare. First of all, he’s the CEO of the company and thinks he can get away with anything because his brother is the company lawyer and his other brother is the HR manager. He is SUPER inappropriate. Like makes awful sexual comments to me all the time. In the beginning, he used to hug me ALL THE TIME. When I told him that I wasn’t much of a hugger, he said: “well, we will have to change that.” Creepy. He also told me all about his first sexual experience (with a co-worker!) and said that women should be more sexually aggressive in the workplace. Urm, whert? Needless to say, I’m nope-ing the hell out of here real soon. Putting in my two weeks on Monday.



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