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7 Ways to Deal With Evil Coworker

4. Be careful about your confidants

Talking about a support system- you should be careful if you choose to confide in one of your coworkers. Do it only if that person is 101% reliable. If you misjudge them, it can backfire so bad, you won’t even know what happened. They could be playing a good friend role, while actually prove themselves to be backstabbing people. Only confide in those that have shown to be loyal to you beforehand. Even when doing so-still be careful about how much you share. When you really want to unwind and complain about your evil coworker, it may be the best to do it with someone neutral on the subject, that doesn’t work with you.

5. Don’t give them the satisfaction

Your evil coworker wants to see you at your lowest, and that’s what you can’t show them. Even if they affect you, don’t show it. When they are the worst to you, just to make you blow your fuse, stay calm and collected. Kill them with kindness. Going off on them will only show them that they have power over you and that you can’t control yourself. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Whenever you feel like being close to the edge, remove yourself from the situation if possible. “Take a deep breath” sounds so cliché, but it really works wonders. With your breathing, you can influence your heart rate. Go and deal with something else until you cooled down. Keep your chin up and don’t let them get you. Going into a verbal conflict with them would be the worst possible solution, and that would make you a part of the problem as well. Don’t let them reel you in their little games.

6. Take notes, prepare for the worst

Whenever your evil coworker does something to sabotage you, write it down. Whatever the foul attempt might be, have it in writing. If possible, record it even. With your phone, make an audio or video even. This means that if it gets ugly and you have to take it your superior, you will have concrete examples, the time when it happened, and if you recorded some of it, you would have a solid proof as well. It may seem a little extreme, but if the whole thing gets messy, you’ll be glad that you did it. Taking things to your boss means that you have to be prepared, and it’s not enough just to say “He/She is constantly mean to me.” Make sure when you come to your superiors you have concrete facts, that will show that you are serious about it and it will make you more reliable. Your evil coworker definitely won’t expect that, and you will surely catch them off guard.

7. Consider changing your job

If everything else fails, you tried talking to your superior, and no one believes you, think about changing your job. Sit down and write pros and cons. If your evil coworker drives you insane, and no one wants to do anything about it, it may be the best to leave the place. It’s not fair, considering that you’re not the one to blame in the whole situation, but sometimes we need to do things that are in our best interest. Not every workplace has a person that feeds on other people’s misery. It may seem like you’re doing the sacrifice, but in the end, you’re just looking after yourself. Nothing can measure up with having a peace of mind.

The bottom line

Snake in the grass, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Regina George-whatever you want to call them, evil coworkers exist. It’s hard to understand why are they the way that they are. Some have reasons for being like that, and some are just simply mean people. Don’t try to understand them, stay away from them as much as you can. Don’t try to get even, it never ends well, they’re probably much better experts in being mean than you are.