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7 Ways to Deal With Evil Coworker

Last Update: March 19, 2020

Unfortunately, a lot of us encountered an evil coworker on our jobs. In situations like these, you don’t even know how to approach that specific person. You feel like everything you do, that person is going to use to turn it against you.

People that found themselves in situations like that often describe it as feeling trapped. People feel distressed and anxious, can’t get a good night’s sleep and it can go that far as affecting their health.

Venomous people can do real harm with just a little bit of effort. They thrive on watching you suffer, going through bad times and feeling bad in general.

Evil, toxic or just a big misunderstanding?

They seem to have compassion for everyone but you, which is a part of their game. Make everyone else think that they are a good person, so you seem like a crazy person saying the opposite. If all of this sounds too familiar, we have some tips to help you handle the situation.

1. Evaluate the situation

Evaluate the situation

We’re all people, and people make mistakes. We’ve all been in a situation where we feel like someone doesn’t like us and is plotting against us, where it couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a moment and analyze the situation.

Is it possible that you are just paranoid? Maybe the circumstances just aligned in a way that it seems like your coworker is after you. Maybe they actually don’t give a damn about you. Heck, they might even like you and you are just misinterpreting the whole situation. Try to think about as objectively as you can. If you are still 100% sure that’s not the case, then you’re probably right.

2. Try talking to them

Try talking to them

Maybe you’ve done them wrong, and you’re not even aware of it. They’re people just like you, and they can be reasonable. You can just try calmly talking to them and trying to sort things out. Maybe they don’t want this beef either, but they were bitter for some reason.

You can find out only by trying to have an honest heart-to-heart talk. If they make it seem like there’s no beef and it’s all in your head (and you are 100% sure that’s not true), give it up. They don’t want to make amends. What they do want is to make you seem crazy. In that case, just leave them be and do your thing.

3. Have a support system

Have a support system

Surround yourself with people that love, support and understand you. Having someone that’s got your back in difficult situations means a world. Even if they can’t do anything but listen to you as you vent about it, it still makes a great difference. It means that you are not alone, and no problem seems that bad when you have something to rely on. People like that keep you sane.

It can be a colleague that you trust, who sees what’s happening and isn’t okay with it. It can be your significant other, your best friend, your child, parent, or it can be all of them together. It’s just important that you have someone who will listen to you, give you cold-headed advice (if possible) and make you feel like it isn’t all that bad. Maybe your evil coworker doesn’t have anyone like that, and that’s why they’re bitter and trying to make someone else miserable, they just can’t cope with their own misery.

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