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Everyone Has a Crazy Office Story They’ll Remember for Life

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Regardless of where you work, it is almost certain you have some unforgettable story from work. Sometimes really crazy things happen that no one can predict. Maybe you didn’t know what to do at that exact moment, but it sure makes a great story after some time. We went on Reddit to see what others wrote as their crazy office story, and we weren’t disappointed. We’re pretty sure you won’t be either.

I work at the factory back office watching over incoming/outgoing materials, and general material management. We had a shipping container come in from the States, transporting several big bags of a sugar/milk powder mixture. We crack open the container and much to our surprise we find a cat…

Bear in mind this container spent a solid week or two at sea…

The cat was alive. Apparently, it survived of eating the powder.

So I did the old, screenshot the desktop, hide desktop icons, and save the screenshot as the new desktop background. To three different computers, two of which were shared between 5-10 people.

Now the problem was, I called in sick, with food poisoning the next day.

Utter chaos broke out. No one could open any programs. IT had to get involved and it apparently took them a few hours to figure out what had happened.

No one ever knew it was me, and I had planned on, you know, taking the credit and winning that stage of the prank war, but no…. I played dumb and bit my tongue.

This was at my last job, a call center, on national donut day at Krispy Kreme.

Girl A had gotten a box of donuts and was on a call with a customer. Girl B comes up and takes one out of the box. Girl A mutes her phone and says, “B****, you better be joking. Don’t touch my donuts.” Girl B turns around and walks away with the donut. Girl A hangs up on her customer and full-on assaults Girl B. An epic brawl breaks out right in the middle of the call floor and they even crash through the giant partition that separates our call center from another company’s which is actually all in the same giant room. At some point, a knife tumbles out of one of their purses (no one actually pulled it or tried to use it, but it did fall out.)

Management has everyone end their calls and clears the floor out. Cops are called and both girls are escorted out, never to be seen there again.

Because donuts.

We call her “The Runner”.

Call center rep was going to be fired for refunding fees that had never been charged. She was essentially just giving away money because she couldn’t figure anything out. About halfway to the conference room, she figures out what’s happening. As such, she comes to a dead stop and refuses to keep going. She keeps asking her manager ” Johnny, are you going to fire me?”. Of course he can’t confirm since she’s still in the middle of the floor, so he tells her he just wants to be able to have a conversation in private. She keeps asking and he keeps not answering. Eventually she just turns around and takes off for her desk. Johnny is standing there for about 10 seconds trying to decide between going after her, or continuing to the conference room where his boss is waiting for them. He finally decides on the conference room.

Johnny is a pretty large guy and his boss is a chain smoker. After the boss knows what happened, they take off running over to her desk and the other reps tell them that she left. So they then sprint down to the parking lot. Just as they get to the doors, they see her car pulling onto the street. They hung out for about 5 minutes to catch their breath.

When they got back, Johnny called corporate HR and they let him know that the rep had already called Aetna to file for a leave of absence. She got fired anyway…

We had a general office questionnaire one day, questions like “do you like your job”, “do you feel listened to” or “have you been sexually harassed at work”.

One person filled in ‘yes’ to that last question. Massive panic within the company followed. Protocols were set up, meetings held, experts hired and our team managers took each and every one of us separately and asked us, with concern and kindness in their eyes “Was it you, did anyone hurt you?”

It was John. He and Fred were good friends and always slapping each other on the butt or poking eachother in the side, especially when on the phone with a customer. He’d filled in ‘yes’ for a laugh because technicly, he was slapped on the ass.

He got to explain that to the company president and was sacked shortly after.

Two middle-aged women (late 40’s-ish, grey hair, mom jeans) got into a fistfight at the office.

I don’t remember the context of the fight but Deb* went into Stephanie’s* office and closed the door. There was a little bit of shouting and then a thud. The door fly’s open just in time for me to see Stephanie throwing a punch. They yell at each other in the lobby and then one of them actually says “Let take this outside”. So they do! Some of the younger guys in the office went after them and had to break them up in the parking lot. Only one of them got fired and they offered me her job a few days later.

*Not their real names

Now which crazy office story is your favorite? What is your crazy office story? I bet there is something that is equally interesting as these. There always is.


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