10 Companies That Let You Bring Your Dog to Work

The fun doesn’t stop when you’re with your pup.

Do you have a furry friend? People with pets describe the love they have for them as unconditional, and most agree that dog really is a man’s best friend. Every dog owner is more than familiar with that heartbreak anytime you have to go somewhere and leave your pup all alone for a few hours. You are just so sad because you know that your dog is even more heartbroken because you can’t explain to them that you will be back after you finish work, and everything would be so much better if you could just bring your dog to work.

Well, there are some companies that understand the ache that you live with and decided to do something about it. We list you 10 companies that are pet-friendly. Of course, you’ll get a bonus with 10 adorable dog pictures because everyone loves pups, right?

1. Amazon

People that work there: 200,000+

Amazon is e-commerce company where you can buy more or less everything, and it also offers its customers to sell their things. If you work for Amazon, you are allowed to bring your pupper with you to keep you company at the office. And not only that, but your dog will have a special drinking fountain to drink from.

2. Bissell

People that work there: 2,500

The Grand Rapids-based company designs and produces vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, and other cleaning products. This is another company that is fond of your furry friend. In Bissel every good worker is good, and every good boy is the goodest.

3. Etsy

People that work there: 1,000+

Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website for handmade, vintage, and unique items and supplies. Their pet-friendly policy isn’t a novelty, it’s been like that since the very beginning. Keeping them around means more relaxed, pleasant and stress-free environment.


4. Google

People that work there: 55,000+

Google created and operates the world’s busiest online search engine and is responsible for the Android operating system and apps used by people around the globe. Google is another giant that decided to opt for pet-friendly policy.

5. G5

People that work there: 200+

G5 is a digital marketing provider in the real estate industry. They are not just welcoming to your pet, but also throw annual spa day for dogs. They are stationed in Bend, Oregon and they are near a lot of parks which make are ideal for walks and relaxation during the break.

6. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

People that work there: 50+

This is a distillery with a long tradition of making vodka. They also have a long history of loving dogs. Not only dogs, all kinds of pets are welcome there. Of course, if you have a pet snake maybe you should consult with everyone before bringing your pet to work. But if you have some of the more conventional kind of pet, you are more than welcome to bring it to work.

7. Ben & Jerry’s

People that work there: 1000+

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the most famous ice cream companies. This is another company that decided to open their door for your furry friends. As sweet as their ice cream can be, they know that just one glance from the puppies eyes is even sweeter.

8. GoDaddy

People that work there: 10000+

GoDaddy is a web domain and hosting service which allows its workers to bring their furry friends to work as it is proven to help in the care of employees mental health. Maybe GoDaddy should consider a different name such as GoPuppy.

9. Procter & Gamble

People that work there: 10000+

Procter & Gamble is a multi-national consumer goods corporation. They go out of their way to be a pet friendly company. Not only are you allowed to bring your pet to work, but will also be provided with free pet food for your best friend . Not only that, but not all employees at Procter & Gamble are human. Some of them just may be our four-legged friend.

10. HubSpot

Number of employees: 1,100+

HubSpot develops software products for inbound marketing and sales. They share your passion for pups so much that they decided to make a calendar with dogs from the office on it. A certain percentage of the money went to the local animals shelter.