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  • This Is How Much Debt We’re In

    Let’s talk numbers. As the times are changing, so are our needs. Seems that we need more than our ancestors did, which is not a surprise. Things we need in our lives cost money, and we rely on debt. But how much debt reliance are we talking about exactly?  GOBankingRates decided to do a survey on how much […] More

  • There’s More to a First Job Than Salary

    Are you a job-seeking Millennial, or do you know one? You’re probably aware that the negative press they get is unwarranted. Still, it’s common for folks fresh out of college to have lofty expectations when it comes to salary. A growing cultural mindset has graduates thinking if they know how to use social media, people will […] More

  • These Are the Highest Paid U.S. Jobs in 2017

    Another year is behind us and people are making all kinds of surveys. We are presented with all kinds of analytics regarding the year that we’ve been through. Glassdoor put together a list of 25 jobs that are highest paid jobs in the US in the previous year. Some of them aren’t that much of […] More

  • Don’t Do This When Negotiating Salary

    Negotiating salary is always a tricky business. It is uncomfortable for both parties, but it is something that needs to be discussed. The tricky part is that you want them to go as highest as they can, and they want to offer you the lowest they can. People that are good at poker are probably […] More

  • The Disney Store Is Hiring 1,500 Seasonal Workers

    The Disney Store is spreading a little of its magic to job seekers looking to earn some extra cash this holiday season, so if you are interested to be one of those seasonal workers, listen up. The company plans to hire about 1,500 part-time workers to fill seasonal sales associate positions, reports Babble, which is […] More

  • Find Out Which Job Fits You the Best!

    Use the EmploymentHub Artificial Intelligence personality analyzer to determine which career fields you should be most successful in, based on your personality, interests and education.
    This advanced system is FREE, no signups required and takes about 5 minutes! More

  • Save your way to a care free retirement.

    No matter how retirement may seem far away, it will come sooner than you think. It is important to be ready when that time comes. This article will inform you on some of the basic things you need to know about retirement. JP Morgan Chase (JPM) has done some research and has some numbers and […] More

  • 7 Millennial Saving Money Tips

    Millennials have more disposable income than ever. However, they tend to spend their money irresponsibly. It’s now more important than ever to learn prudent purchasing and money-saving behaviors to ensure that you aren’t foolishly wasting your hard-earned cash. Thankfully, there are some basic money-saving techniques that will still allow you to live your life and […] More

  • How To Ask For A Raise!

    Counting on an annual raise to boost your paycheck this year? Don’t start spending that extra cash just yet. For the fifth month in a row now, salary growth has slowed, according to Glassdoors Local Pay Reports. In fact, the median base pay for U.S. workers in June rose just 1.7 percent year-over-year — the […] More

  • Want a car, but have bad credit? No worries!

    UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Uber Exchange program has been discontinued, see if the Lyft Express option could be right for you. Uber has grown exponentially in popularity and is now looking for as many drivers as possible. But the thing is, many of these potential drivers that want to work, have pretty bad credit and are […] More

  • 5 rules to ease you through salary negotiations.

    You are expecting a job offer, but the details have not been sorted out yet. Now comes the awkward money talk. How do you approach it? Are you uncomfortable about the subject? Whether it’s the fear of looking too overconfident, high anxiety about the conversation. Any employee, new or experienced can be nervous when it […] More

  • Boost your Summer Bank Account with these Part-Time Jobs

    Summer is a great time for students to take advantage of their free time and earn some extra cash with their new jobs. More and more “out of college” adults find themselves doing the same. Here are 7 great seasonal jobs to give yourself a boost in your bank account. Bartenders: Depending on location, being […] More

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