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  • These Are Recruiters’ Favorite Interview Questions to Ask

    Don’t get me wrong, yes, you’re a special candidate who deserves unique consideration for a job. However, the truth is that recruiters and hiring managers have favorite interview questions they love to ask candidates. There are a handful of questions that are in their arsenals and come out every time they are on the phone with […] More

  • Recruiters Share the Best Interview Answer They’ve Ever Heard

    If you’ve been doing your homework, you probably already have an idea of what a good interview answer looks like. For instance, if someone asks you what your biggest strengths are, you likely already have a go-to list of the skills and attributes that set you apart. Or if asked why you’re interested in the […] More

  • Tips to Recover From a Bad Interview

    Going to a job interview is no child’s play. The pressure is significant because the interview is often your ‘make it or break it’ moment. That results in you being extra nervous, and regardless of your preparedness, it seems that you blew it. You thought you are going to do well, ooze confidence and assertiveness, but […] More

  • 7 Power Words to Use In Interview

    You sent your resume, and they called you up for an interview. That’s great news, but what do you do? What do you say? You’re feeling nervous because you know the pressure will be higher. All you want to do is show yourself in the best way possible, so they want to work with you. […] More

  • Don’t Write This Down on Your Resume

    When it comes to writing your resume, you want to make a resume that will stand out. In most cases, it is the reason you’re being asked to come in for an interview. Job recruiters have seen a lot of resumes, and certain things make their eyes bleed once they read it. You might think […] More

  • Are You Using the Right Job Hunting Strategy?

    What is your job hunting strategy? Do you have one? People are thinking of different ways to stand out from the crowd every day. They want the job recruiters to notice and remember them. Sure, it’s a good thing to be noticed, but you want to be careful about what you get noticed for. Your main […] More

  • This May Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

    You can often hear about the qualities every employer seeks in an employee, but what about things that will chase away any employer? You might know everything that you should do in an interview, but what if you think something is completely okay to do, but your potential employer completely disagrees? Some of these things […] More

  • How to Ace Your Elevator Pitch-Step by Step

    So an elevator pitch is a term that’s been tossed around for a while now, and there’s no chance you haven’t heard of it. You probably know that it is a pretty important thing as well. But do you know what it really means? What is the purpose of an elevator pitch? This is a speech […] More

  • Get New Job in 5 Days (2018) – A Quick Guide

    You’re tired of being unemployed and all you want to is to get a new job this year? You’re not the only one. Beginning of a new year is ideal for job hunting process to start. It’s a new year, a new beginning and new opportunities. People are willing to put more effort when they […] More

  • Don’t Do This When Negotiating Salary

    Negotiating salary is always a tricky business. It is uncomfortable for both parties, but it is something that needs to be discussed. The tricky part is that you want them to go as highest as they can, and they want to offer you the lowest they can. People that are good at poker are probably […] More

  • 25 Awesome Questions to Ask When Interviewed

    You applied for the job and you got called in for an interview. Everything is going great and you think you answered all the questions pretty decent. And then comes that dreaded question- do you have any questions for us? Prepare! Before going in for the interview, do your homework. Research on everything you can […] More

  • 9 Things You Post on Social Media That Might Have Cost You a Job

    Looking for a job? You probably have profiles on social media. In that case, this concerns you greatly. Have you ever given a thought about how does it affect your job chances? Does it affect at all? Well, yes. Things you post on social media might help you but they might also cost you a […] More

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