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  • Turn Your Love For Makeup Into Thriving Business

    Makeup has become an art in its own form. You remember the days when you were all that just for applying blue eye pencil and some mascara? These days are long gone, and makeup has become an art form that everyone wants to master. Aesthetics has never been more important, and this is why everyone strives […] More

  • These Are Recruiters’ Favorite Interview Questions to Ask

    Don’t get me wrong, yes, you’re a special candidate who deserves unique consideration for a job. However, the truth is that recruiters and hiring managers have favorite interview questions they love to ask candidates. There are a handful of questions that are in their arsenals and come out every time they are on the phone with […] More

  • Recruiters Share the Best Interview Answer They’ve Ever Heard

    If you’ve been doing your homework, you probably already have an idea of what a good interview answer looks like. For instance, if someone asks you what your biggest strengths are, you likely already have a go-to list of the skills and attributes that set you apart. Or if asked why you’re interested in the […] More

  • Read the Email That Immediately Scored One Man a Job Offer

    We’ve talked about the importance of writing a good email before. Among other things, writing a great email helps ensure clarity, impress your colleagues, and drive results. But you can add one more reason why paying attention to email etiquette is so critical: it might just lead to your next job offer. Just ask Joe Chernov, […] More

  • Tips to Recover From a Bad Interview

    Going to a job interview is no child’s play. The pressure is significant because the interview is often your ‘make it or break it’ moment. That results in you being extra nervous, and regardless of your preparedness, it seems that you blew it. You thought you are going to do well, ooze confidence and assertiveness, but […] More

  • 7 Power Words to Use In Interview

    You sent your resume, and they called you up for an interview. That’s great news, but what do you do? What do you say? You’re feeling nervous because you know the pressure will be higher. All you want to do is show yourself in the best way possible, so they want to work with you. […] More

  • Don’t Write This Down on Your Resume

    When it comes to writing your resume, you want to make a resume that will stand out. In most cases, it is the reason you’re being asked to come in for an interview. Job recruiters have seen a lot of resumes, and certain things make their eyes bleed once they read it. You might think […] More

  • Things You Do That Ruin Your Work Reputation

    You’re working in a company where you’re really satisfied with your job? Everything would be perfect but you feel like you didn’t fit in with the people you work with? You felt pretty comfortable with them but it doesn’t seem like they did around you, and now you’re just stuck in some awkward space where […] More

  • Men and Women Experience Similar Troubles in Balancing Personal and Work Life

    Balancing personal and work life has become a big struggle. People are striving to be successful in the business world, but they still want to have a decent personal life. Everyone wants to be successful, but everyone wants to be happy as well. Does success make you happy? Well, in most cases it does, but not […] More

  • 4 Tips to Secure Your Promotion

    Are you working for a reasonable amount of time and you’re hoping for a promotion, but it just seems that nothing is happening? You just don’t see the signs that anything is about to change in the near future and you’re getting frustrated. It is okay to want the promotion, but are you truly ready for […] More

  • How to Achieve Your Goals

    You know that moment when you get all excited and make plans with your friends, and then when the time comes you would rather get bitten by a rattlesnake than go out. We’ve all been in a situation like that, but if you’re making a habit out of making plans you’ll just cancel anyway, that’s […] More

  • Is Your Work Making You Miserable?

    Does it seem like your working hours last forever? Are you anxious because you know you have to go to work? Once you arrive there, you are feeling your lowest? That probably means that your work is making you miserable. It’s hard to keep a positive outlook on life in general when such a big […] More

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