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  • COVID-19: Job Seeker Findings

    COVID-19: Job Seeker Findings

    June’s unemployment rate fell from 13.3% to 11.1%, continuing the positive trend of lower unemployment that started in May, as states started gradually reopening up their economies. But with COVID-19 cases spiking in different parts of the country, is it possible to remain optimistic about the labor market? We asked job seekers how they were […] More

  • The Best Way to Avoid Massive Student Loans and Start Earning Earlier in Life

    How to Earn More Money Earlier in Life While Avoiding Student Loans

    This year, Evan McKillop, a 2020 class Portage Central High School graduate, had no prom nor a traditional graduation ceremony. But one thing that the 2019 coronavirus outbreak couldn’t take away was his passion for welding. This story from Kalamazoo, Michigan made many young people think about a different career path than what they previously […] More

  • Big Win for LGBTQ Community - No More Job Discrimination

    Big Win for LGBTQ Community – No More Job Discrimination

    The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that existing federal law prohibits job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender status, a major victory for gay rights advocates, and the emerging transgender rights movement — a surprising ruling from an increasingly conservative Supreme Court.  By a 6-3 vote, the Court said Title VII of […] More

  • What Made People Choose Unemployment Benefits Over Working

    How generous were the additional unemployment benefits in the original stimulus bill handling the crisis? A new report reveals precisely this information while federal lawmakers consider implementing another aid plan for the coronavirus pandemic that put roughly 35 million Americans out of jobs.  According to the University of Chicago researchers, two-thirds (68% of unemployed workers […] More

  • How Coronavirus Changed the Hiring Game

    How Coronavirus Changed the Hiring Game

    As the nation starts to open again, companies are wondering how to hire the best people to revive their business.  According to Kevin Parker, the Chief Executive Officer of the interactive video interviewing company HireVue, the main thing to think about are the people. Now they can find that not all of them are needed. […] More

  • Why Do We Come Into Conflicts At Work?

    We’re hearing about conflicts at work all the time. Not just hear about them, but we’re often part of the conflict. It would be nice if we could all just get along, but that can seem impossible at times. And why’s that? At work, you will find an array of people with various personalities. When […] More

  • Work-Life Balance: 5 Powerful Ways To Win The Battle

    The struggle of maintaining the work-life balance has become an all-too-common affliction of today’s people. It seems like we’re in a constant chase of something. And yes, it is very frustrating. So you obviously can’t add more hours to each day, even though that seems like it would solve it all (but let’s face it, […] More

  • 5 Smart Business Steps For a Successful Year (Infographic)

    Let’s raise our hand if we’ve heard at least five times that motivational “New year, new me” phrase. People like starting from a clean slate and the beginning of a new year seems like a perfect chance. Unfortunately, it’s rarely a successful scenario. How to make a year more successful? Well, most people get it wrong […] More

  • Holiday Job Search Is a Good Idea – Here’s Why

    It’s the Holiday season and everyone is busy figuring out what gifts to get their loved ones, baking cookies and getting ready. Fewer are those that spend their time thinking about job and job-searching. However, that’s a great starting point. 5 Reasons to search for a job during the holiday season 1. If you keep […] More

  • Sick Coworker: What Should You Do?

    The first person in the office has fallen victim to the vicious virus and is visibly sick. Everyone in the office knows what this means: the domino effect is inevitable. Or is it? No one wants to get sick, but you’re 99% sure that you’re going be the next victim.If you’re not the next, you’ll […] More

  • Most Annoying Things Retail Customers Do Around Christmas Time

    Holidays are approaching, but not everyone is jolly. People in retail really do have it pretty tough around the holiday season. We went to Reddit to see what are the most annoying things customers around this time. SortaManlyMan Treat me like I’m a brainless ape after asking me a question. I have countless people ask […] More

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