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  • Job Opportunity: Walgreens Is Hiring

    If you are still in the job hunting process, we have good news for you. Walgreens is hiring, and there are numerous open positions you can apply to. We give you all the details concerning the subject. Founded in 1901, Walgreens goal is to be consumers’ first choice for health and beauty across the nation […] More

  • Getting Fired Is Similar To a Break-Up: How To Get Over It In 5 Steps

    Getting fired is no joke, it really feels like a break-up. How you feel afterward will probably depend on how much you loved or hated working there. It like comparing it to a relationship- it is harder to move on from a relationship you felt happy in than the one where breaking up was the […] More

  • How to Assess a Job Offer

    When you want a job—whether it’s your dream job or you’re simply ready to move on—it can be all-too-easy to accept any offer you’re given—even if it’s not the right offer for you. “The number one misstep I see clients take is the failure to step back, take a breath, and meaningfully assess a job offer,” says Karen Elizaga, […] More

  • Keep Hustling: 5 Ways to Get the Career Growth You Need

    In this competitive job market, one way to differentiate yourself is to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. You can take professional development classes, work on extra projects, and attend networking events. But, how do you make sure you’re growing in a way that builds into a meaningful career and a fulfilling life? […] More

  • 4 Myths We’re Taught About Success

    There are myriad paths you can follow to success — but if you believe in some career myths, you’ll end up at the opposite end of successful: overworked, underpaid and unhappy. What are these myths, and what should you believe instead? For the answers, we turned to two career experts who will blow the lid off […] More

  • Escape the Heat: 5 Jobs That Are Perfect for Summertime

    We’re already pacing fast through May, and in no time summer will arrive. Everyone is getting ready for summer, one way or another. Some are going on a vacation, while some plan on working throughout entire summer. But working during the summer isn’t particularly easy. The good this is that this season offers us some […] More

  • 5 Non-Work-Related Things You Can Do That Will Pay Off at Work

    We often forget that every aspect of our life is connected to one another. We try our best to separate work from personal life, but it’s no wonder we often find it difficult to do so. If things are going downhill at our workplace, it’s very likely it will affect your personal life as well. […] More

  • 4 Seemingly Harmless Phrases Leaders Should Never Say

    When you’re a manager, your employees are constantly watching to see how you behave and what you say. As a result, it’s important to be intentional about your choice of words in any setting. As the boss, there are seemingly harmless phrases, but you probably shouldn’t say them anyway. You’re probably aware of the more […] More

  • How to Disagree With Your Colleagues Without Offending Anyone

    It’s not that uncommon that you disagree with your colleagues on a certain matter. It’s a word thriving with different people with different characters. Every now and then, people you work with will say something you don’t agree with. Now, keeping quiet about it is not a favorable solution. But how to express your opinion […] More

  • The Ultimate Job Search Guide: How to Find a Job (Step-By-Step)

    We are taught many things in school, college, and life in general. We are taught how to be competent at a certain job, but no one really teaches us how to find it. It can be overwhelming, and you might not even know where to start your job search. The Internet doesn’t really provide you […] More

  • Springtime is here! Is Your Career Blooming?

    Springtime is here! It’s time for a fresh new start. Here are some ways to jump into the new season with confidence and a fresh mindset to get you going in the right direction. Springtime is the perfect time to get your life back on track, and start thinking about you. Your goals have probably […] More

  • Salary Negotiation Scripts For Any Job

    Ask any job seeker or employee about salary negotiations and one of the most popular responses is, “I would negotiate but I don’t know what to say.” Having the right words to say, or write, during a salary negotiation is vital. Communication can make or break discussions and impact your confidence to get paid fairly. […] More

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