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  • The Best Time to Search For a Job Are the Holidays-And Here’s Why

    It’s the Holiday season and everyone is busy figuring out what gifts to get their loved ones, baking cookies and getting ready. Fewer are those that spend their time thinking about job and job-searching. However, that’s a great starting point. If you keep searching for jobs vigorously, your chances of getting it during the holidays […] More

  • Job and Happiness: They Don’t Always Go Together But They Can!

    Are you having fun? Or at least enjoying yourself when you go to your job? I know some people think work and fun is an oxymoron. Just so no one is getting hung up on terminology or word usage pick a word that works for you: fun – enjoy – satisfied – pleasure. If you […] More

  • What to Do When That First Coworker Gets Sick

    The first person in the office has fallen victim to the vicious virus and is visibly sick. Everyone in the office knows what this means: the domino effect is inevitable. Or is it? No one wants to get sick, but you’re 99% sure that you’re going be the next victim. If you’re not the next, […] More

  • How to Avoid Work Phone Calls (If You Really Hate Them)

    Your knees are weak and your palms are sweaty, but this isn’t one of the Eminem’s songs, you just have a scheduled business call. You’re not the only one. Many people struggle with phone calls, and talking to someone over the phone is among their worst fears. When it’s a private matter, you can often […] More

  • How To Stay Motivated During a Job Search

    Searching for a job is a process that can last for a while. Sometimes, you’ll get a lot of NOs before you get your YES. It can be hard to stay motivated when you don’t get a response, and even when you get it, it’s a negative one. It is discouraging, and that’s the reason […] More

  • Should You Be Your Own Boss or Work For One?

    Climbing the corporate ladder and working for someone else isn’t for everyone. If you have a growing side hustle or idea for that next big business success, here are some things to consider before becoming your own boss. Do a test run. Confirm there’s actually a market for your product or service. You might think your […] More

  • How to Survive a Toxic Work Environment?

    Do you wake up every morning and dread to go to the office? Do you detest the politics and drama that goes on in your office? When it comes to being a victim of a toxic work environment, you are not alone. You will be surprised to know that recent research has thrown light on the […] More

  • 7 Hacks For Lazy People To Get Things Done (Infographic)

    Regardless if you have some lazy days or generally find it hard to motivate yourself, we’ve all needed a push here and there. It is okay not to feel motivated all the time, but some people find it harder than others. Laziness is not a trait, it is more of a habit. You can break […] More

  • Are You Guilty of These Bad Habits That Affect Your Work?

    A famous English poet, Joe Dryden, has a famous quote that goes “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us”. There’s some truth to it. It’s not that uncommon that talented people aren’t as successful. The reason for that are their bad habits that keep dragging them down when it comes to their careers. They might seem harmless, […] More

  • Making Your Quiet Voice Heard at Work-An Introvert Guide

    Being an introvert in an extrovert-dominated workplace can be difficult. You might feel pressure to live up to everyone else’s level of social interaction. Perhaps the open floor plan in your office makes it difficult for you to be productive. Maybe working with your extroverted boss sometimes feels tedious and exhausting. There are many difficulties introverts potentially […] More

  • Did You Know About These 10 Unorthodox Jobs?

    Everyone’s heard of a nurse, teacher, cashier, etc. These are pretty conventional jobs and we are aware of the fact that they are out there. Some of us dream of doing these jobs as kids. I always wanted to be a veterinarian because I am a big fan of animals and loved playing doctor, so […] More

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