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Boost your Summer Bank Account with these Part-Time Jobs

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Summer is a great time for students to take advantage of their free time and earn some extra cash with their new jobs. More and more “out of college” adults find themselves doing the same. Here are 7 great seasonal jobs to give yourself a boost in your bank account.

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Depending on location, being a bartender can be a pretty big advantage! Despite the low wages, once tips start to add up, this can mean big money. But also, working as a bartender develops your skills as a worker.

You have to learn to be responsible, and you’ll learn to multitask. Another really good aspect of the job is that if you aren’t an early riser, no problem! Bartenders mainly work night shifts so that means you can sleep in, and personally, that is the biggest game changer the job can offer.

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Who wouldn’t want to get paid to spend your day at the beach or pool? Being a Lifeguard can be pretty fun and can come with a nice tan, but you also need to make sure you get certified and call yourself responsible if you are considering this job.

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If you are the caring type, this is a great job for you. Being a caregiver can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. This is also a great skill developer!

How cool would it be the next time you get called for an interview, you can say that you were an assistant at a medical facility? It gets you a great idea of how a job in the medical field could be like and gets you that great hands on experience, not even mentioning the pay!

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This is a pretty popular summer job, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good one! In fact, this teaches you how to deal with sometimes difficult people and learn some substantial knowledge on how to run a position of authority with ease.

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Get paid to play with the four-legged fur balls we all know and love? Sign me up! People love their pets and are never short of a job. This is a great opportunity for animal lovers because of how fun you can have with it! These jobs can vary, sometimes you might have to check in on them every other day to make sure they’re okay, but it could also go to the extent of sleeping over at the client’s house. A great place to start is rover.com where you can find clients with ease.

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Most parents work full-time jobs and need help while their children are on summer break from school. This job may not always be easy but can be very rewarding. You maybe need certifications (like CPR) and we suggest some patience. But if you love kids, and have an upbeat, outgoing personality this is a great job you could get in on.

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This job can be very rewarding for adults. Conversational abilities are absolutely necessary for this job. People skills are just as important. Dispatchers need to keep their calm under pressure and can give clear and straightforward instructions, but this is of course a very good way to get a job where no day is the same and build skills that will come in handy in the future.


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