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How to Better Your Relationship With Your Boss

Last Update: July 20, 2018

Many people are puzzled when it comes to this topic. How to have a good relationship with your boss? You want your boss to know you’re a good worker and to keep things professional, but you don’t want your relationship to be too official. How to make your boss notice you for all the right reasons, and appreciate you because of them? People really care about the relationship that they have with their boss that sometimes they get too stressed about it and ruin it by overthinking. There are a few general rules that everyone should follow when it comes to their bosses if you want to better the relationship and get the appreciation and respect that they deserve. And who wouldn’t want that, right?

1. Don’t rely on emailing

It may seem easier to just send an email to your boss to discuss a specific matter, especially if they are busy people. However, that’s not the case. Of course, only for important matters. This means more communication with your boss that is face-to-face based. It will be more productive when you are talking in person, and it will make it more personal and professional at the same time. By scheduling a meeting you’re both showing to each other that you value each other enough to take time and effort to discuss whatever it is that needs to be discussed. If you’re an introverted person, this might come as a challenge. But don’t let it get the best of you. Prepare as you would for any other meeting. Keep in mind the things you want to say, how you want to start the whole conversation and memorize some key bullet points. When you are well prepared, you feel less nervous. Especially if the meeting goes successfully. You will feel more confident and ready to take on every challenge that comes your way.

2. Try to be understanding

Know that your boss is just human. Sometimes they won’t have time to solve a certain problem, and sometimes they will forget that thing that they promised you. Keep in mind that they have a function other than just being a manager. They often have double the work and a lot on their mind. We often see our bosses as some super, untouchable creatures, but they are regular people just like we are. Which means that sometimes they forget things, they have good and bad days, and they have emotions. You may feel frustrated in some situations, but don’t let it show. Instead, take a deep breath and remind them of that thing they forgot. Be understanding and keep your cool. It makes so much of a difference.

3. Be interested in their opinion

Finding a job is somewhat similar to courting. If you find a love interest and start dating that person, you need to keep an effort to make the relationship work and keep the communication open and honest. It’s the same with finding a job. Once you find a job, you need to make an effort to be a good worker and communicate with your boss about performance. Be interested in what they have to say because their feedback is crucial to your career. You need to communicate honestly about every problem that you encounter, and once you ask them for a feedback be specific with your questions. Be prepared for honesty, because they might not say something that you’ll like, but you’ll benefit from that if you have the right attitude. And your boss will appreciate your willingness to improve.

A relationship with your boss is very important for your career. Many people take it the wrong way and take a completely wrong approach by soft-soaping the boss, but that is counter-productive. Your boss will probably feel uncomfortable, and your coworkers will lose respect for you.


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