Awkward Co-worker Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Did you work with someone like that?

Sometimes you come to work for a great company where everyone seems super-friendly, but then you find out that one of your coworkers is super awkward. Most of us have had experience with an awkward co-worker, and it’s always a fun story to tell when you’re around your friends. At least you can get a good laugh of it. We share with you some of the Reddit’s treasure stories about an awkward co-worker.

katelusive, Reddit

I worked briefly with this guy Alan at an insurance company (the kind where the only prerequisite for employment is breathing) who literally never spoke, except for his first day when he announced to the office that he’d been in a movie as a zombie extra. After that: not a word. Even when we had to drive around together for 8+ hours trying to sell insurance.

To make things weirder, sometimes he would just wander around the office looking at a blank folder. Then he got fired, making him probably the first person ever to get fired from a pyramid scheme company. Sorry Alan: your experience as a zombie is not relevant in the real world.


A guy I sat next to was quite strange. The thing that stands out as the weirdest in my mind is “May I joke with you?” when he wanted to tell me something funny.

It was never funny.

Skippy8898, Reddit

For me, it was a girl that was really quiet and one morning phoned saying her “son” died. We called her mom hoping to get an address to send flowers but instead found out the grandmother didn’t know he died. She phoned back about 10 minutes later saying the son was alive and well and she just wanted a day off. We never saw her again.


USCgamecocks, Reddit

Once had a coworker who was annoying as hell. He was mean, he would openly talk about his sex life, his divorce, having kids (dude was in his lower 20s). He thought most jobs were beneath him. If you couldn’t help him advance his career, he didn’t think you were of any use to him. He was also very sexists and looked down on anyone who drank because it was hindering their career growth.

This person got fired AS AN INTERN. He was an intern and would say all these mean, hurtful things. I’m glad I no longer have to work with him.

pandagirlll,  Reddit

I work with a schizophrenic old woman who displays the symptoms of a severe pathological liar and also believes everything in life is part of some form of a conspiracy. She constantly rambles about the ghosts in the Taco Bell I work at and tells me how ‘the devil and god’ both try to persuade her to do things. Most people don’t pay her any attention, but despite her mental illnesses, she is very intelligent and insightful. It is still kind of strange to hear her tell me that ‘god and the devil’ tell her things about my family and me.


She was only there for a couple of weeks, but I’ll never forget her. Awkward, frumpy, unbrushed hair in her face and thick glasses. We had spoken to each other maybe two times when one day she came up behind me, hugged me, whispered, “I am the night!” in my ear and then ran away giggling. Apparently, she had creeped out a lot of other people, as well. It was random and weird, and she didn’t last long. She seemed like the kind of person that would tell you that her spirit animal was a spork.


I worked with a guy once who used to masturbate every day in the work toilets, I only know as he used to tell us every time he’d return. I still find it odd as I look back and remember how my colleagues used to laugh about it, I’m sure if it was now I’d be more creeped out than I was at the time.