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Are you being overworked at your job?

Last Update: September 27, 2017

Being overworked may seem like it’s a new thing, but it’s not quite true. Japanese are known as hardworking people. As such, they go to such lengths that they work themselves to death. There is a word karoshi which translates as death by overwork. From this, we can at very least say that overworking can seriously damage your health.

Here are some signs that you are being overworked.

  • You can never relax
  • Days seem too short
  • All or most of your relationships have gone to non-existent
  • There’s always more and more work
  • Your health is deteriorating

Let’s take a minute to discuss every one of these signs in particular.

You’re not able to relax

Not being able to relax even when you’re not at work is a red alert. It means that you are constantly on your toes and your mind is going full speed 24/7, which is a clear sine that you are overworked. It is only a matter of time when it will lead to a burnout. Being always on a standby mode is very tiring and will eventually result in doing a poor job when you actually are at work. Know that finding time to relax is very important because if you don’t have a good balance between work and relaxation, you won’t be very useful.

24 hours are not enough for you

People are constantly putting too much on your plate. That can often be a result of downsizing, so now you have to do a job that is usually done by 2 or 3 people. There’s only so much you can do in a certain amount of time. The only choice you have is to work extra hours or take that work home and do it there. Either way, your workday seems to last forever and it is driving you crazy.

You drifted apart from everyone

Overworking resulted in you not having any time to spend it with people that you care about. Friends, family, even your pet doesn’t want to cuddle up with you anymore. Relationships demand attention and effort. If you are too busy working, it is a matter of time when people you were very close to become strangers. People are sociable beings and need a circle of people they care about. Without it, you will feel isolated and miserable.

Your to-do list is never-ending

As mentioned before, downsizing is often the main culprit for this. The moment you do one thing, two more pop up on your list and you feel like you’re in a limbo. It is hard to even motivate yourself to do anything because you know the moment you do it, only more will come up. And if you don’t, things will pile up. No matter how good you organize, it doesn’t make much of a difference. This can make you feel hopeless to say at least.

Your health is visibly worsening

This one is the most dangerous one and it is a clear indicator that you have gone to your maximum and need to stop whatever you are doing because it is clearly not working for you. If you’re losing or gaining a lot of weight, your blood pressure dangerously increased, you’re constantly feeling some aches or pains, always feel tired and lethargic- your body is crying for help.

There are periods at every work when you are working more than usual and need to give your 200%. However, it is not normal to feel like that all the time. If you put a tick on most of these symptoms, you should talk to your superior and try to explain your problem in order to come to a solution that suits everyone. If they are not willing to listen to you, it may be a time for you to find a new job because overworking is not at attainable lifestyle.


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