Are You That ‘Annoying Coworker’?

Being new in the office isn’t the easiest thing. It is natural that you want everyone to like you so you will put some extra effort into relationships with your coworkers. However, you may be trying too hard, and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be regarded as the annoying coworker.

Another scenario is that you are working at your company for a while now. You are pretty relaxed and you don’t feel like you have to win anyone over. Who likes you- likes you. Who doesn’t- won’t. Well, that may be the truth, but not necessarily. You might be doing some things that bug them, but if you try and break these habits, you might get along so much better.

You might feel like your coworkers are avoiding you, or when you start a conversation, they are looking for a way to end it. It doesn’t have to be anything personal. They might think you are a nice person, it’s just that some things you do irk them too much to make them want to hang around with you.

Don’t beat yourself too much about it, sometimes we just don’t click with someone. You can’t please anyone. But if you feel like this is a pattern, you might be doing some things that are mostly universal to being people’s pet peeves. If you know what they are, it will be easier for you to change them. You don’t need to change the person you are, it just means breaking some of the habits that most people in your office don’t appreciate too much.

Do you find yourself doing some of these things?

If you are doing three or more of the things from the list, there are great chances that you are annoying everyone around you. Don’t take it too hard, all of these things are things you can change about yourself. Life is about evolving and constant growth. If we all stayed the same our entire lives, we would be boring.

Maybe you don’t do these things on purpose, and it’s very likely that your coworkers know that. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or don’t care for you, but your name probably won’t be the one popping in their head when they’re doing the happy hour invitations. Try talking to them and apologize for some of your behaviors. Try to change it, and they will surely appreciate the effort. You will be a part of the crew in no time. They probably want to give you a chance as well, because working with people you have a good relationship with makes work ten times easier.