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Adidas AG is a multinational corporation founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company is Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer and the second largest in the world. Adidas designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories and has over 60,000 employees across the world. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Adidas team, apply for an open position and start your Adidas career.


Adidas offers excellent benefits to its employees including:

  • 401(k) Plan
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Flexible Schedule 
  • Maternity&Paternity Leave
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Sick Days
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee Discount

We currently have 35 open positions across 24 locations spread over 50 states.


Herzogenaurach, Germany




More than $10B


Consumer Goods and Services


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Frequently asked questions about Adidas

How do I apply for a job at Adidas?

To apply for a job at Adidas, check out a job of interest. Once you’ve found one, press the “Apply Now” button next to open positions or click the “See more jobs” button to see similar positions near you. You can search by location, market type, work type or keyword. After that, just follow further instructions.

How much do Adidas workers get paid?

Yearly salaries at Adidas range from an average of $48,532 to $115,827.

What age does Adidas hire at?

The minimum hiring age at Adidas is 18 years old.

Is Adidas ethical?

Adidas is constantly working on improving sustainability and the company's environmental impact and labour conditions are rated as good.

What is the starting pay at Adidas?

Salaries vary depending on the job. For example, the average hourly salary for a Sales Associate is $10, while a Team Leader earns around $16 an hour.

Does Adidas pay weekly or biweekly?

According to employee reviews, most Adidas employees get paid every two weeks (biweekly).

Do Adidas workers get discounts?

Yes, employee discount programs include a 50% discount in the online shop and 30% in store.

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Retail Store Associate

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Order Integration Specialist

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Assistant Store Leader

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Adidas awards and recognitions

Some of the company awards and recognitions include: 



  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • Global 100 Index
  • CDP Climate Change and Water
  • Corporate Human Rights Benchmark


  • Certified Top Employer 2018, Top Employers Institute
  • Best Company for Diversity, Comparably

Adidas cares

As a global sports company we believe that, through sport, we have the power to change lives, and nowhere is this more profound than in our community engagement efforts.


Our programs are built on three complementary pillars – community involvement, employee engagement and corporate giving – determined by local cultural, economic and social factors.

Adidas reviews



Rating - Job Title



Sales Associate

New York, NY - March 5, 2020


Retail and customer service essentially.


Retail Sales Associate

Tannersville, PA - March 5, 2020

Too much drama

You work with kids. Managers never really know how to deal with work with issues that arise between coworkers. They have a favorite who’s always in the mix of any work issues yet no one sees them as an issue. So unless you want your personal life dragged into the work place and to constantly be harassed about it I’d recommend any other adidas store to work in until something is done about the workplace child who has more power than those in charge


Sales Associate

Grapevine, TX - March 5, 2020

Cool place to work part time

I love this place the people I work with are great I have no problems with my co workers they are really cool management are the best. They try to take care of your concerns when you bring them to their attention.


Retail Sales Associate

Riverhead, NY - March 4, 2020


I currently work there and it is my favorite job. I’ve been working there for 5 months and I love going in and helping the company advance. I love helping people and my coworkers achieve projects. Love the job.


Shipper and Receiving

Spartanburg, SC - February 28, 2020

Best job yet

Out of all the jobs I’ve had this was my favorite great environment great pace. Can get as many hours as you would like. Employee discount which you can’t help but to take advantage of..


Cashier/Sales Associate

Portland, OR - February 27, 2020

It was coo

It was good, very fun. Love working there. Super fun. Great co workers, love the situation there. Everything is so fun. Good customers like a family. Great leadership


Order Processor

Spartanburg, SC - February 25, 2020

The pay is not where it should be

Management is poor. The company doesn't have family oriented business is first and family last. But the overall is okay until you find be better to getting another job


Sales Associate

Birch Run, MI - February 24, 2020


Adidas is an amazing first job and if your a hard worker and are interested in moving up in the company chances are you can move up however I did run into a problem with infair pay I had been working there for 1+ and was receiving min wage however the half a dozen new hires were making two dollars more then me and when an employee contacted the managers and corporate they told the employee they’d need a promotion to get a raise


Sales Associate

Cresta - February 16, 2020

It's a good company

Love,honesty,working together as a team,learning about new things everyday ,health style life.teach one teach all,innovation,i have learned so much at adidas that I can take it to the other companies,Most of all at Management side,,the live that was give to the employees,the challenge and opportunity,it was amazing,you wouldn't stay in one position for a long time,they will push you to the top,



Osage Beach, MO - February 13, 2020

Fun place to work

Great place to work, very diverse company that makes everyone feel welcome and valued. People first environment that has training for all associates.


Sales Associate

Doral, FL - February 13, 2020

I loved it.

I loved my experience working for adidas It was a great first job in college for me to have. Flexible hours and a great work crew made many great friends.


Sales Associate

Katy, TX - February 13, 2020

Diversity is very important

I love the working environment at Adidas, workers came from different backgrounds, work together and appreciate each other's culture. It was an amazing experience for me to be able to work here.


Sales Associate

El Paso, TX - February 12, 2020


I loved working here. Everyone was so kind and hardworking. I loved everything about it. I wish i would’ve gotten more time working there. They were very dependable and organized.


Sales Associate

Menlo Park, NJ - February 11, 2020

Good review

I really enjoyed my time at this company and they were great to work with. Friendly towards everyone and understanding of others. They treat the employees good and they get the same back


Sales Associate

New York, NY - March 5, 2020


Retail and customer service essentially.


Sales Associate

Carlsbad, CA - February 4, 2020

Good Culture

This is a fun place to work in my opinion. Everyone there is very friendly and get along well with each other. There is not much room for advancement and hard to get hours. The job itself is fairly easy if you enjoy being around people.



Orlando, FL - February 4, 2020

super fun

A place where an employee can have fun while working.


Cashier/Sales Associate

Woodbury, NY - February 4, 2020

Very busy, but can be very slow too.

Working at Adidas was not bad, but the location of the store is sometimes a hinder. When trying to get food, you don't have enough time to go to the food court, by the time you get back you can't eat your food because it's time to get back on the floor. When the store gets busy, it is hard to go on break at the right time, because they need everyone on the floor. How busy the store is can be a pro and a con; it keeps you busy but it can also be overwhelming.


Warehouse Worker

Spartanburg, SC - February 3, 2020

Work shifts are too long, but it's a good job.

12 hours is a bit too long. I barely have time for my kids when I get home because I'm so tired. I haven't had any complains for any management staff and they haven't had any for me. I just focus on diligently finishing my work.


Light production

Spartanburg, SC - January 31, 2020

Sorter at Adidas

Loved the job i just had loss my husband suddenly. This is really a good company to work for,I worked 8 hr shifts from 6am-2pm Monday thru Friday. Just having the knowledge to learn more about clothes and shoes,how to sort them,how to pack them was a privilege


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