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7 Ways to Improve Your Speaking Skills in Business English

Last Update: September 27, 2017

Improve your speaking skills by reading this article. Eloquence is often a must if you want to be successful in a business world. Eloquent people seem more confident and put together. It is important to know how to express yourself. Here are some tips on how to better your language and communication skills.

1. Work on your vocabulary

First and foremost, expand your vocabulary. Focus on your work field and its terminology. With the Internet, everything is more accessible. With just a few clicks, you can find thesaurus that will provide you with everything you need. When you know the business terms like the palm of your hand, nothing can catch you off guard.

2. Use intro phrases

When trying to present an idea or comment on something, use introductory phrases. They are to draw listeners attention towards you and give them a chance to adjust to the tone of your voice. That way, when you present the main idea, your audience will be ready. Some of the intro phrases you may use are: From my point of view, It appears that, As a matter of fact, etc.

3.Memorize ideas rather than words

When you need to make a presentation, a speech or say anything remotely longer than 2-3 sentences, always prepare. Rather than memorizing everything verbatim, memorize ideas. Visualize bullet points of ideas you wanted to present. The reason why it is not good to try to learn everything verbatim is when you miss just one word, everything falls apart like a house of cards. If you remember the ideas, you always have room for improvisation that will be supported with your main ideas.

4. Watch TV

Of course, this means watch business channels. By casually watching TV, it will feel more like language acquisition, rather than learning. You wouldn’t believe how much you can pick up, even if you leave the TV just for a background noise. Because most of these people there are experts, you can learn from the best. And all that from the comfort of your own home.

5. Use question tags

This is an easy trick to ease people into agreeing with you. If they are not strongly opposed to what you’re saying, but rather indifferent, question tag may serve as a light push in the direction you want them to go. Don’t forget that when your claim is affirmative, the question tag is negative, and vice versa. Try something like: I think I have proven my point, haven’t I?

6. Let your body speak

Body language is just as important as verbal. Use gestures to emphasize everything that you are saying. Try and make eye contact with everyone because it is a sign of confidence and everything that you are saying seems more plausible. Use open hand gestures, while avoiding finger pointing. Crossing your arms is a big no. However, keep your gestures subtle. Too much waving may end up being a distraction to your listeners.

7. Practice, practice, practice

No matter how confident you are, or aren’t, you need to practice. People don’t say for nothing that practice makes perfect. Trying to incorporate everything that you just read, stand in front of the mirror and practice speaking. It will be unusual at the beginning, but you will adjust very quickly. You can even record everything and then replay it to see what can you do to improve even more.

And there you have it. Following these simple tips, you will raise your speaking skills to a high level in no time.


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