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7 Things That You Earn Working at a Company (That Don’t Include Money)

Last Update: March 2, 2020

Talking about how much one can earn working, we’re almost always talking about money. But there are things that you get out of a job, that aren’t related to money making. Shocking, right? Of course, working is all about getting richer, but there are several ways of getting rich. Surely, new experiences change us and shape into people we are today. Have you ever thought about what is it about your job that you got, and no one can take it away from you? Let’s start the countdown.

1. Hard Skills

Hard skills are the core of your job. And even though some jobs seem universal, every workplace is unique. And every job will require you to grow in some way. That means learning something new. The thing you learned will be something specific, and concrete, and it WILL help you on your next job.

2. Experience

This is something no money can buy. Experience is priceless, and it’s something that comes with a job. Regardless of how well you know to do a certain job, when you get experienced in it, it’s a major game changer. With experience comes competence and efficiency, and that’s something every job recruiter finds irresistible in a candidate.

3. New Friends

You don’t have to like everyone at your job, and you probably won’t. But there are certain people you will like, and some of these people will probably become your friends. These people are great because friends are always a good thing to have (you can never have too many), but they can help you in the professional field as well. Your friend can transfer to a better job, and they can let you know about a new job opening. They might even put in a good for you. That gives a new dimension to a phrase friends with benefits.

4. Time Management

Regardless of your work field, you need to have good time management skills. And regardless of how good (or bad) they are, they will get better. It’s a skill that you’ll always need, but at work, it has a big role.

5. Problem-solving

This is something that also doesn’t depend on the field you work in. At every job, you’re bound to encounter some kind of a problem. Once you successfully solve it, you will grow from that. Now, if you ever encounter a situation similar to that, you’ll be able to deal with it.

6. Getting to Know Yourself

We continue learning through our entire lives, and through each job, we learn something new about ourselves. Every new experience changes us in some way, and your job is no exception to that. There will be situations you’ve never been in before, and your reaction to some of them might surprise you. That’s perfectly normal, it happens to everyone. And it will continue to happen with every new job you take.

7. New Goals

Every job will direct your motivation in a new way, and with that come new goals. It might sound corny that every job is life-changing, but it is. With every job you learn more of what you want in life, and what you definitely don’t want. Your goals will change accordingly. And it’s always an awesome thing to have something to achieve, that will always keep you going that extra mile.

With every new job, you get much more than money. So, when thinking about how much you earn working at a certain position, think of what else do you get from it, besides the cash. Of course, making money is necessary. Everyone needs money and a good salary is always a great motivation. However, don’t get shortsighted when it comes to money alone.


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