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3 Cardinal Work From Home Mistakes People Unknowingly Make That Hurt Their Business

Last Update: March 27, 2018

Working remotely has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. Many people see it as an ideal solution to keep their private life and career in the balance. However, working from home is not that easy as it may seem to others. Lots of people get into it without actually realizing what it means. This is why it can be easy to get caught up in some mistakes that might drag you down, slowly but surely. We give you 3 biggest work from home mistakes that people tend to do without even realizing they’re doing them.

1. Every day is a leisure day

It’s easy to get caught up in a downward spiral when working remotely. There’s no actual reason for you to get out of your jammies-so you don’t. In case you have a Skype call, you carefully combine a shirt (maybe even a blazer) with a nice pair of boxers or bottom part of your pajamas.

You don’t wash your teeth every morning anymore because no one’s gonna smell your breath, right? You leave your house only when your friends make you, or you need to go do some grocery shopping. That’s no way to live, but it’s very easy to get yourself in that state. Steer clear from the opossum lifestyle, because it will hurt your business and your private life as well.

2. No clear boundaries

Even if your work from home, you should have an office space. Maybe you don’t have enough rooms to make an entire room your office, but you should have at least a piece of the room that will serve you as an office. If you’re one day at the kitchen table, the other day at your sofa while watching TV and working simultaneously, you’ll do a poor job, and after a while, you’ll feel like you’re living in an office. That will partially be true because you made your whole house/apartment your office because you avoided creating an office space.

Another boundary is knowing when is work time and when is play time. You can’t be watching TV or playing with your dog while you’re working. That way your work can drag through the whole day, and you don’t want that. When you’re working, people (and animals) you share a home with, need to know that you are not available. If you don’t set clear boundaries, it can all collapse. That means having no healthy balance in life, which will make you feel miserable and send your career into a downward spiral.

3. You isolate yourself

Just because you don’t work in an office, doesn’t mean you should avoid talking to people that work for the same company (or people that are in the same job field, if you are a freelancer) as you do. Precisely because you don’t see your clients, co-workers or managers every day, you should make an effort to have clear and frequent communication. Send regular emails, do video calls, chat on different platforms, whatever it takes. Isolating yourself is hurting your reputation and your business. It may seem like an easier solution, especially if you’re an introvert. However, easier doesn’t always mean better.

The bottom line

To keep your things in order, have your workday really be workday. Dress up, go into your home office and work when it’s time to work. Have an office space and let everyone know that you’re working and while you’re doing so, you don’t exist for them. Communicate with your clients and coworkers, because communication is the key. Stick to that and don’t let these 3 most common work from home mistakes ruin your business too.


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