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25 Awesome Questions to Ask When Interviewed

Last Update: May 26, 2020

You applied for the job and you got called in for an interview. Everything is going great and you think you answered all the questions pretty decent. And then comes that dreaded question – do you have any questions for us?

If you don’t ask any questions, the employer might get the impression that you are a person who doesn’t care that much. It can also look like you are not prepared nor ambitious.

25 Awesome Questions to Ask When Interviewed


Before going in for the interview, do your homework. Research on everything you can find about the company that called you in for the interview. This way you can prepare specific questions that will show them you did your homework. However, there are some questions you can ask on probably every interview, and we list them for you.

1. Can you describe an average day at the office?

2. What characteristics and abilities does a successful employee here generally have?

3. What are the key responsibilities of this position, and do you expect them to change within the next year or so?

4. What are the upcoming projects I’d be working on during my first few weeks?

5. Are there gaps in the current team’s skillset or experience that my position is meant to fill?

6. Can you describe the company’s objectives and current projects? How does our team contribute to those?

7. What does the training process look like?

8. How long does it usually take for a member of the team to feel fully trained and up to speed?

9. What recommendations do you have for pursuing professional development and advancement at this company?

10. How will my performance be evaluated? Are there both formal and informal feedback processes?

11. Are there plans for the company’s growth or new developments in the pipeline in the next few years?

12. The company’s mission statement emphasizes [fill in the blank]. Can you tell me how that comes across in daily life working here?

13. Can you tell me about the other people I’ll be working with closely?

14. Whom will I be reporting to? And [if you’re applying to a more senior position] who will be reporting to me?

15. In your experience, what are some of the highlights of working here?

16. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had working here?

17. How did you end up here, and how has your role changed since you started?

18. Has the company changed in any notable ways since you started here?

19. Does the work process involve more team collaboration or individual projects, or are there any other formats you use?

20. What other departments does our team most frequently interact with, either on a formal or a casual level?

21. Are there any office traditions or activities you do as a group?

22. Is there a sense of community in the workplace? And does the company contribute to the broader community in any way?

23. If you were starting this job now, what advice would you give yourself?

24. Do you have any final questions for me, or is there anything else that would be helpful for you at this stage?

25. What are the next steps in this process, and when can I expect to hear from you?

In conclusion

If you memorize just a few of these questions, it will help you a lot. You won’t get caught off guard when they ask you that question. Show that you know how to take the initiative – you will leave the impression of a dynamic, interesting person who really wants to work, has motivation and good ideas. Good luck!

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