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15 Types of Coworkers At Every Workplace (What’s Good and Bad About Them)

Last Update: May 5, 2020

It’s in human nature to classify things. That is a system that we developed, to help us process information. It makes the process quicker and easier. So, let’s talk types of coworkers that will definitely ring a bell.  

Do you recognize any of these people?

Every person you meet, you’ll try to put it in some kind of group. Especially at your workplace. Even though everyone’s unique, you’ll surely find a category for each one of them. So, let’s talk types of coworkers that will definitely ring a bell. 

1. The quiet one

You know that guy that’s always in his corner, doing his thing, never talks to anyone. When he talks, it’s like you woke up a bear from his hibernation, and no one knows how to react. If he talks, you know something bad went down.



What’s good about ’em:

They’ll never bore you with their stories, only talk about important things.

What bad about ’em:

You never know what’s really on their mind, because they never speak it.

2. The moody one

Dealing with this colleague is like playing a wheel of fortune. You never know what you’re going to get. They’re happy in one moment, furious at others, and then crying in some corner. When they’re in a good mood, they’re really enjoyable to be around. However, when it rains, it pours.


What’s good about ’em:

They can often be a lot of fun.

What’s bad about ’em:

They can often be a pain in the bum.

3. The dream crusher

So you come up with a great idea, you’re all excited about it, and then… this coworker just loves to crush dreams. “It’ll never work out” is one of the favorite phrases of this person. If it does indeed work out, they have a follow up “It only happened because…”. At first, you’re not sure if they’re just pessimistic or really dislike you. Then you see them doing that to everyone, and then everything’s clear. Also, sarcasm is their mother tongue.



What’s good about ’em:

Once you get used to their negativity, they start to grow on you.

What’s bad about ’em:

They crush your dreams.

4. The talker

When you’re the new person at work, these people make your life easier. They come up to you and talk to you, so you don’t have to put that much effort. They’re really likable, but can sometimes be too much. They are experts in water cooler chats as well as the deep, ‘HR-level’ personal conversations.



What’s good about ’em:

You’ll never have a moment of awkward silence with them.

What’s bad about ’em:

You’ll never have a moment of silence with them.

5. The honest joker

This person tells it like it is, and doesn’t care whether you’ll like it or not. They can say jokingly ‘ I don’t want to go for a drink with you, Susan. I dislike your company’ and then laugh. The poor Susan is laughing because “It’s a joke, you know.” But we all know it’s not a joke. This person is just being honest. No one likes Susan.



What’s good about ’em:

They’ll tell you like it is, so you always know what’s on their mind.

What’s bad about them:

The tears from laughing at their jokes may be the real, sad tears.

6. The office scapegoat

This is ‘Susan’ that every workplace has. That’s that poor soul that no one likes, but everyone kind of feels sorry for. Whatever goes wrong, it’s their fault. That’s why they’re the main scapegoat. They’ve been thrown under the bus so many times, they go by the name Speed Bumper.


What’s good about ’em:

You’ll always have someone to blame.

What’s bad about ’em:

They’re mostly in the bathroom, crying, but you know it’s your fault.

7. The “It’s none of my business” one

This person is here to do their job, and their job only. If you’re having some trouble and need some help, this is the last person you’ll want to talk to. They don’t really care about the company overall, they’re just here do to their part and pack their bags at the end of the day.



What’s good about ’em:

Always minding their business.

What’s bad about ’em:

They will never help you. Ever.

8. The cooler

This is that one cool person everyone wants to hang out with, but just a few of them are entitled enough to actually hang out with them. What they like, everyone else likes. They’re so outgoing, effortless, and fun to be around. You know these types of people, right? When they call-in-sick, the whole company should just close for the day because what’s the point, right?


What’s good about ’em:

They’re so darn cool.

What’s bad about ’em:

You love them and hate them at the same time.

9. The big surprise

There’s always that one colleague that you didn’t like at the beginning but ended up loving them. They didn’t seem approachable at all, and you thought they hate you. So you didn’t like them as well. And then, you got to know each other and ended up being besties. Surprise!


What’s good about ’em:

They always end up being great people.

What’s bad about ’em:

First impression.

10. The slacker

This person thrives on doing the least possible every single day. They’re just looking for a way to wiggle their way out of a task, and everyone hates doing group projects with them. No one even knows what is actually their role, because they never do anything.



What’s good about ’em:

You don’t have to worry that they will ever steal your ideas, they’re never motivated enough for something like that.

What’s bad about ’em:

When it comes to group projects, they are the depiction of what nightmares are made of.

11. The eater

They’re always hungry, and always have some kind of food in their mouth. Whenever you hear them talk, it’s about how hungry they are. They will heat up smelly food in the office with no pardon because food comes first.



What’s good about ’em:

Always make you hungry.

What’s bad about ’em:

Never give you food.

12. The hard worker

This is the complete opposite of the slacker. This person is here to do the work, and they’re always up and running. They always have some new ideas, send work emails even after work. If they’re not working in the office, they’re doing it from home. Their career is what matters to them the most.


What’s good about ’em:

When it comes to group projects, they are the depiction of dreams coming true.

What’s bad about ’em:

The eager beaver can be annoying as hell.

13. The motivator

This person is always excited about everything. They love the mornings because they are just ‘birth of another day that’s full of opportunities.’ They are always rooting for you and want to keep your spirits up, even when the ship is sinking. Even when the ship has sunk, they’re still swimming, waving a flag and yelling: YOU CAN DO IT!


What’s good about ’em:

They can lift your spirits up. Sometimes.

What’s bad about ’em:

Rarely. Almost never.

14. The responsible one

This person is the ‘parent’ of the company. When you have something serious to discuss, you go talk to them. You’re always sending that person to talk to the boss so you don’t have to, and they’re the best for that task.

What’s good about ’em:

They are responsible.

What’s bad about ’em:

You feel like you have a parent at work.

15. The boss’s pet

Among all the types of coworkers you’ll encounter, this might be the most annoying one. This person is here only to impress the boss. They will take over your credits, always have shameless compliments for the boss, and always be the biggest tattle tail.


What’s good about ’em:


What’s bad about ’em:


So now we covered the basic 15 types of coworkers, which one are you? I bet you’d say the cool one.


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